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90min’s ten-year-old brand has made a splash in the world of sports. With impressive growth in digital media, it’s become a major player in the field, creating industry-leading content with brand partners. This year, it’s the exclusive content creator for Great Britain’s Olympic football team.

The 90min brand started out as a way to deliver global football content to audiences. The channel has expanded into branded content by partnering with brands like Nike and Paramount Pictures. The result was a successful campaign that reached their target audiences and was recognized by the European Sponsorship Association as one of the best uses of branded content.

8X sports news

The 8Xbet sports news channel celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and has continued to grow and thrive within the digital media landscape. It has partnered with numerous brands to create industry-leading content, including an exclusive partnership with Great Britain’s Olympic Football team. In addition to launching new sports programming, 90min has expanded its reach across the world.

The 90min team collaborated to develop a new look for the brand, which includes a new logo and brand guidelines. The site was relaunched on Minute Media’s proprietary Voltax platform.


While the two sports news apps have different purposes, both offer sports news. 90min has a more global reach with a 12 million monthly unique audience. Its innovative content aims to elevate the fan experience. While 8X focuses on the US market, 90min has expanded to several other countries including Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

The 90min sports news app focuses on stories about football from the fan’s perspective. It features unique features such as FanVoice, where audience members can join in the action as part of 90min’s ‘team champions’. This helps to build a stronger connection between the show and the viewers, and it makes the viewer feel as if they are part of the action.


In order to keep pace with the ever-growing soccer and football community, 90min expanded its offering to a global scale in 2012. The company started by expanding its content strategy from English to Spanish, Italian, and German. Today, 90min boasts newsrooms in Europe, the U.S., Latin America, and the United Kingdom, which allows it to provide football coverage in 12 different languages.

In addition, 90min has a global contributor network of contributors and features authentic fan-generated content. It now serves over 30 million unique visitors every day with social-driven content that is unique to its brand. Additionally, 90min has added a new American Sports brand and an additional office in New York. The company has developed a platform that allows other publishers to feature 90min’s content, allowing for increased distribution and engagement.

As part of its growing audience of female sports fans, 90min will now feature female-driven football content. 90min’s creative team is dedicated to creating female-focused content and has invested a great deal of time and resources into the project. The new content will be distributed over the next few weeks, and will include exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Fan Experience

While most 8Xbet sports fans have a favorite source, there are some differences between 90Min and 8X. 90min’s content is more comprehensive and features in-depth analysis. It also provides a wider selection of videos and audio. For instance, a 90min soccer news video might include more than one player and a commentary of the game. Meanwhile, an 8X video might focus on one player.

90min’s sports news is designed for soccer fans and aims to bring the world’s best content directly to viewers. Its “FanVoice” feature allows fans to watch European Premier League games with 90min’s “team champions”. This feature allowed 90min to build a deeper relationship with their viewers and allows viewers to experience the game firsthand.

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