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Utilizing an action camera mounted on the head, or in the body is the most efficient method to keep your hands free while you capture amazing video footage.

While helmet mounts as well as a chest mounted harness are among of the most well-known mounts, there are some other inventive bodies mounts designed for cameras available for you to select from.

Whichever option you pick which one you choose, you are assured that you will get the most thrilling and engaging video footage with a POV.

Let’s look at the most common methods to use the chest harness, shoulder mount, and other ways to attach your GoPro hero, as well as all others camera action models onto your physique.

4 Action Camera Body Mount Ideas for Great POV Movies

  1. Helmet Mount

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Helmets are essential for various extreme sports. That makes them the ideal location to put your camera, since you don’t need to buy any additional gear to get some stunning footage from a POV angle.

Another benefit for the head mount is the ability to select different positions to alter the camera’s height. You can choose an open-face head mount or a chin mount strap mount to put the camera’s action camera on the top, or even a side mount.

An alternative that is flexible is to use an flexible mount made of adhesive, either curved or flat. This allows you to effortlessly alter the camera’s position on the helmet or alter the helmet depending on the sport you intend to engage in. The only thing you have to do is warm the adhesive with an air dryer for example, in order to remove it from the helmet and then reposition it.

If you aren’t at ease with the adhesive that is holding the camera in place then you could opt for an adjustable strap mount for helmets.

No matter what the situation, the head mounted action camera for your camera that is attached to your helmet will give you the most immersive footage from a POV perspective that reveals to the viewer precisely what you’re watching.

  1. Action Camera Head Mount

If your sport doesn’t require the wearing of a helmet, you still have the benefit of the same perspective by wearing a head-strap.

You can purchase an Action Camera Head Mount, which has adjustable straps so that it is easy to use and secure your action camera.

If you own an GoPro Hero You can purchase the GoPro Head Strap and get the Quick Clip which allows you to effortlessly Action Camera Body Mount in baseball caps too.

The head mounts may have compatibility with various brands of action cameras , too However, make sure to verify this before purchasing them.

  1. Action Camera Body Mount

It is a well-liked option for capturing hands-free footage with a pov. One advantage is that it gives greater stability than an action camera attached to your head (less camera shake can result in better quality videos). It’s also easy to put on with the majority of sports attire.

However this isn’t suitable for all kinds of sports and activities because your view is easily blocked by your hands or the gear you’re using.

If you’re also participating in water activities that require you to wear a life jacket, it’s more difficult , or impossible to use the chest-mounted harness.

The chest is among the most stable parts that you have, which can help reduce the risk of camera movements A chest mount will not offer the most optimal viewpoint.

It is important to ensure that any body mount you pick is made of breathable materials particularly in hot conditions – else it’ll cause your chest and back to sweat.

  1. Action Camera Backpack Mount

Technically speaking it’s not an body mount for an action camera – however, it’s close enough that it’s worth considering as an alternative.

Depending on where you connect the harness, you could get the perspective of a shoulder strap or an a chest mount.

Additionally, by securing it to the backpack rather than the belts you can take pictures of what’s behind you, or even get a third-person view such as when you’re climbing with a friend.

One suggestion to increase the audio quality from your action camera when you use the back mount for backpacks is to connect microphones to the other strap on your backpack so that you can capture the audio in a separate way

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