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Benefits of Istodax (romidepsin) Injection

Istodax (romidepsin) Injection

This article will discuss Istodax (romidepsin) Injection. It will also discuss the price of Istodax in India. After that, it will summarize the benefits of ISTODAX and the limitations of its use.

Where i buy Istodax (romidepsin) Injection

Istodax (romidepsin) Injection is  immunotherapy for the treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL). This treatment is used for patients with relapsed/refractory disease who have receive at least one systemic therapy. The drug is approved only after two or more prior therapies have failed. Patients with PTCL must undergo clinical monitoring to ensure that the drug is working properly.

This drug is a bicyclic depsipeptide that is a white powder. Injection kits are provided with 2.2 mL of diluent and ten milligrams of the drug. The injections can be given to patients through an injected line or an infusion bag.

ISTODAX is supplied as a single-dose kit. The sterile lyophilized powder contains 11 mg of romidepsin and 22 mg of povidone per vial. It is diluted in dehydrated alcohol and propylene glycol.


Health Canada has approved Istodax (romidepsin) Injection for use in patients with PTCL who have not responded to other therapies. The approval is conditional on a confirmatory study to confirm clinical benefit. In addition, the NOC/c policy only authorizes products that are of high quality with a reasonable safety profile. ISTODAX is available as an injection.

A single dose study in rats and dogs revealed toxicities at doses 2.2 times higher than recommended for humans. These effects included convulsions, irregular heartbeat, and staggering gait. A 50% dose reduction is recommended for these patients. A patient’s blood chemistry should be monitored carefully for drug-related toxicity.

This drug should not be used during pregnancy. It can cause fetal harm when administered to pregnant women. In animal studies, romidepsin was embryocidal and caused adverse effects in the developing fetus even at low doses. Pregnant women should be told of this potential fetal risk.

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