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Best Websites to Watch Turkish Series For Free

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If you’re looking for a good way to watch Turkish television series without paying a dime, there are several options available. These include Turkish 123, Netflix, Puhutv, and YouTube. These services are all free of charge, and they allow you to watch Turkish series in their entirety.


There are a number of websites where you can watch Turkish series for free. If you want to watch your favorite Turkish drama in high definition, you may try ExpressDizi. It offers subtitles in English and is free. The site also has news, latest episodes, and more. It is updated regularly.

You can also watch Turkish series through Turksub24. This website offers both new and old Turkish series with English subtitles. You’ll have to sign up, but it is free and offers a large database. You can browse through Turkish dramas by choosing an episode, or use an advanced search option.

Turkish series come in a wide variety of genres. These include period series, historical dramas, and love stories. The latter category has become a real media boom over the past few years. Many female audiences have been touched by the plots of these shows.


Puhutv is a free website that lets you watch Turkish television series and movies. Its content is vast and diverse. There are loads of movies and cartoons to choose from. You can also continue watching a previous episode if you’d like. However, it’s important to note that the site does not have subtitles in English.

The service is supported on PCs, smart TVs, and mobile devices. Its programming is heavily influenced by Turkish culture. The site is in Turkish and Arabic, so if you’re not fluent in Turkish, you can’t fully appreciate its content. Unfortunately, subtitles are missing on many productions.


If you’re looking to stream Turkish television series without any commercials, YouTube is your best bet. It offers high quality streaming with very few ads and no pop-up commercials. You can also choose to watch Turkish series with English subtitles. Just search for the Turkish show you want to watch and click the search button.

If you’re looking for an upcoming Turkish series, then start with Ertugrul, an epic series based on a true story. This adaptation of a psychological novel by Dr. Gulseren Budayicioglu has reached a worldwide audience. The story follows the lives of two families that share the same apartment. The main character Han lives in a house with his two sisters and his ailing father, and he suffers from various psychological traumas. Another new Turkish series to watch is Sen Cal Kapimi, a romantic comedy. The series is a hit in Turkey, and is currently in its 6th season.

Turkish 123

There are various websites that offer you the chance to watch Turkish series for free. These sites are secure and provide you with the latest news and show episodes. Some of them also have different categories that you can choose from. These websites also include videos in English with subtitles. The best thing about these websites is that they have updated content on a regular basis. So, you can be sure that you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for without any problems.

You can also watch Turkish series on YouTube. Many of them have English subtitles, but it’s tough to find Turkish dramas on YouTube. Not only is YouTube prone to removing content when the producers claim copyright, but the quality of translations can be low as well. Luckily, there are websites that offer a huge database of Turkish series and movies with English subtitles. These sites have the latest Turkish series, as well as popular Turkish series that are currently on air.

Promix TV Watch Free

If you want to watch Turkish television series with English subtitles, Promix TV is a great choice. The site also streams a selection of Spanish-translated Turkish series and movies. However, one of the drawbacks to this site is the popup advertisements during the video playback, which can be a nuisance. Despite this, the site does not require a subscription or registration to watch Turkish television shows.

Another great option to watch free Turkish television series is TurkFans, which focuses on free Turkish dramas with English subtitles. The database is huge and allows users to search for a specific series they want to watch. TurkFans’ stream is similar to Promix TV Watch Free and Turksub24.

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