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Build Your Bitaksi Clone App With Modern Technology Apple Watch App

Bitaksi clone App

Did you know that the Bitaksi clone app can be operated on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and even an iWatch (Apple Watch)? If you didn’t know about the iWatch, then pals, you’ve missed out on the best taxi booking technology ever invented by humans. But not to worry. This blog is dedicated to singing the praises of the modern-age iWatch taxi booking solution Read More Best Laptop for Nursing Students

Let’s get started.


Obviously, this taxi app runs on the iWatch, the most famous smart wearable by Apple! But what did the developers think of while developing this taxi booking solution? One, the riders won’t have to take their big phones out of their pocket. Two, on-the-go taxi booking, will make commuting easy for the riders. And third, tracking the ride, calling the driver, and making payments can all be done right by tapping on the smartwatch screen.

The only condition required to make the app work is – the iWatch must be paired with iPhone and internet-enabled. At the same time, the app should be installed on the watch. Bussin Snacks Review Discover if this online snack store is a scam or legit

The Iwatch Bitaksi Clone App Workflow

Download the app

The iWatch and iPhone must be connected because the rider’s app for both devices is interconnected. If the rider app is downloaded and installed on iPhone then, it will be automatically installed on the iWatch as well. Whereas, if the rider’s app is installed on the iWatch from the iWatch App Store then, it will be installed on the connected iPhone automatically.  Damp Proofing Contractor & Dry Rot Treatment London

Login into the taxi booking app clone

After installing when the rider opens the iWatch app for the first time, they’ll be asked to sign in or register. If the rider has already registered and signed in to the iPhone app, they’ll be redirected to the taxi booking screen.

Choose the vehicle and payment option

Just like the iPhone rider’s app, the rider can choose their preferred taxi option. As per their budget and requirements, the riders can select between – basic, normal, and luxurious vehicle type.

Next, the rider needs to select the payment method of their choice, i.e, cash, card, or in-app wallet. For in-app wallet or card payments, the money will be automatically deducted from the taxi booking app’s wallet or the card, respectively. On the other hand, if it’s a cash payment, the rider will have to hand over the hard cash to the taxi driver.

Book the taxi ride

The rider can now enter the pickup and drop-off location. Thereafter, the user has to tap on the “Request Now” button to send a ride request to nearby taxi drivers. Once the driver accepts the request, the rider gets all the details on their iWatch screen including:

  • Driver’s profile picture
  • Driver’s name
  • Vehicle’s model name
  • Vehicle’s number
  • Option for voice calling the driver
  • OTP for verification

All the notifications can be seen on the iWatch screen itself.

Pay and rate the trip

Furthermore, the iWatch app allows the riders to pay for the ride and even rate the trip. The iWatch rider’s app is similar to the iOS smartphone Bitaksi clone app. As soon as the driver clicks on “Collect Payment” on the driver’s app, the money will be deducted from the rider’s linked in-app wallet or credit card.

Next, the option for rating appears on the iWatch screen. The rider can then give a star rating to the driver depending on their experience.


Want to buy the Bitaksi clone app now? Get the script from a well-established and globally reputed white-labeling firm. Purchasing the solution from experts will guarantee you a high-quality solution topped with impressive features, an attractive appearance, and a bolting speed.

Grab the chance and enter the transportation industry with the big boss!


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