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Constipation in Cats

What Is Constipation in Cats?

A medical condition called constipation which is a term used to describe the difficulty or lack of flow of feces within the colon. This can lead to difficult stool movements, which can cause strain and discomfort. Cat owners might observe fewer stool passing or perhaps none even. If it is passed, the stool might be extremely dry and hard. 1

The colon serves as the principal part of the gastrointestinal tract where water to be absorbed. birds facts  When feces are stored inside the colon for a long duration, feces will become hard and dry out. This results in difficulty moving the stool and pain.

The last indication could cause confusion for cat owners. Cats who are constipated can strain to the point that a small amount liquid blood or feces may be passed around and mistakenly thought to be diarrhea. But, the liquid is actually passing through the hard stool and the cat is constipated. 

Causes of Constipation in Cats

Constipation can occur regardless of cat’s age or state of health. Cats are notoriously inefficient drinkers and, in particular, when fed a dry , kibble diet, they’re at a more risk of suffering from constipation. Any illness that causes dehydration could also cause constipation. Being overweight and sedentary are other risk factors. There is a severe disease that is common among overweight, middle-aged cats and is known as megacolon. Other causes that may cause constipation are: 2

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Megacolon in cats

The condition of megacolon is caused by severe constipation that cats suffer from. It’s seen more often in males who are middle-aged and are usually obese. 3

The colon in these animals fails to maintain proper nerve function, which leads to a stretched-out as well as weakening the colon. Since the colon is dilated , and larger than normal, feces could be pushed back to staggering proportions. To make matters worse is the fact that the colon does not have the capability to efficiently push waste 

Megacolon is typically considered to be a primary illness however it can also be due to untreated and long-standing normal constipation. The colon is weakened and distended due to the large number of feces getting trapped within it as time passes. This strains the muscles and nerves of the colon, which impact the capacity of the colon to expand. 3

The risk of chronic constipation becoming megacolon is a major concern for every cat suffering from constipation should be treated promptly and swiftly. 2

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gnosing Constipation in Cats

Anyone who suspects that their cat is constipated should visit its veterinarian as soon as they can. can cats eat mango The vet will conduct a thorough examination of what’s happening at home and conduct an extensive physical examination.

A cat suffering from constipation will typically have an expanded colon stuffed with solid feces that veterinarians can detect. It is not always possible for overweight cats, but an x-ray that is quick and not invasive will determine the severity of constipation as well as how constipated the cat’s colon could be.

The use of X-rays can also be in order to find any physical reasons for constipation, such as obstruction from a foreign body pelvic or sacral injury as well as spinal issues or tumors. In some instances, an additional examination by using an abdominal ultrasound might be needed.

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