Freelance Jobs For Students | Ultimate 2023 Guide with Pay Per Hour

Freelance is a self employment and freelance jobs for student has endless options.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is nothing but a broader description of being self employed and providing services in the areas you’re skilled. It falls between job and business. You take projects based on your flexibility to complete them. It does not have any fixed working hours and there is no hard and fast rule to your time table.

As of today, there are numerous opportunity of online freelance jobs for students because of the presence of many websites. You can find work in all the areas and there is no limit. However, there are only limited jobs that a school or college student can do due to the lack of certification and professional experience.

Hence, we will discuss some of the best freelance jobs for students.

Is Freelancing jobs for students different?

Students are very eager to take online jobs after the completion of 12th or even before that. But not all the freelancing jobs for students are beneficial. A student should always focus on a career which will complement their future career.

For example, a student with computer science background should take up freelancing jobs which is focused with creating websites using different types of coding involved.

Also, the field of interest is important. As a student we have endless opportunities and selecting the right career option which also involves your interest can take you to greater heights.

Working on right projects and showcasing them in your resume can add points to your career opportunities.

Lets begin discussing some amazing easy freelance jobs for students!

List of 30 online freelance jobs for students to earn money:

  1. Proofreading
  2. Data entry
  3. Graphic designing
  4. Writing jobs
  5. Photo editor jobs
  6. UI/UX Designing
  7. Blog writing
  8. Video editing jobs
  9. Photo selling
  10. Professional photography
  11. Translator jobs
  12. Tutor Jobs
  13. Accounting jobs online
  14. Transcription
  15. Book Keeping
  16. Social media manager
  17. Digital marketer
  18. Website designer
  19. Professional thumbnail creator
  20. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  21. Java/Python developer
  22. Desktop/Laptop Support
  23. Anime artist
  24. Paint Seller
  25. NFT Designer
  26. Creating specific Tutorials and selling online
  27. Copywriting
  28. Virtual assistant
  29. Mobile Marketing
  30. Social Media Marketing

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Top 5 Freelance Jobs For Students in 2023 With Hourly Pay

Finding a right freelance work can be a challenge but worry not as I have sorted out the list which involves the best of freelance jobs for students. So, lets start without further ado!

1. Social Media Marketing Avg pay $25 per hour

Do you like to scroll through social media and do posting on it?

If your answer is yes, then you have a great opportunity to make a career out of it.

Social media marketing involves creating different posts on any social media with the marketing objectives of brands and companies by creating attractive posts for them.

All you need to do is create an eye catching posts and infographics for brands that hire you as their social media marketer.

You can generate as much as $25 an hour and even more if your posts are good and engagements are in increasing order.

2. Tutoring Avg pay $27 per hour

Tutoring is another best option of freelance jobs for student. there are numerous websites which offer free registration and have thousands of students connected with them to teach.

You just need to register and create your online profile with all the specific details and you’re good to go.

Some of the best website that offer this service are listed below :

  1. Vedantu
  2. Chegg
  3. Magic Ears
  5. VIP Kids
  6. TutorViesta

Also, the best part of offering tutoring service online is you get polish your syllabus while teaching others and you save time for your studies.

3. Copywriter Avg pay $33 per hour – freelance jobs for student

Copywriting is a great skill which enables you to write great articles for your clients. it can be a marketing copy, blog copy and so on.

Its a great freelancing service to pursue for those who have a literature background and have love for writing.

Over the time you become a creative writer and you can start your business as a Copywriting service provider or work as a copywriter in any organization with a handsome salary.

Copywriting can fetch you anywhere upto $33 an hour.

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4. Data Entry Avg pay $24 per hour

Data entry is a super easy job which involves copying the data from one source to another. For example, a data entry person can transfer the customer data from one source to company database.

It is a somewhat a laborious job but can fetch you a good income as a student and moreover does not requires any skill.

You can apply for data entry jobs on any freelance portal and start working for them once, they choose you to work for them.

Also, you can’t deny that it has a handsome hourly payment of $24 an hour as a student or a part time worker.

5. Graphic Design Avg pay $24 per hour – freelance jobs for student

This is best freelance jobs for students looking to shape their career in Online designing. It can be website designing, social media posts creation or any field involving graphics related designing.

Almost all the online platform require Graphic designers and hence, it makes this career as one of the best options to choose from.

You can register yourself on websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer to get projects on graphic designing and kick start your career from there.

This profession can pay you upto $24 for working an hour.

List of websites to find the best freelance jobs for students online

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. Tutorme
  6. Writerbay
  7. Guru
  8. 99 Designs
  9. TrueLancer

Reasons why you should consider choosing freelance jobs for students

Lets have a look at some reasons why you should consider doing freelance jobs for student below:

1. Become Future Job Ready

The option of working as freelancer before getting into any jobs makes you self reliant and future job ready. It helps you develop confident before you can actually start any job.

You understand the ways and methods that is required to work professionally and helpd you share your career in a best possible manner.

2. Pocket Money

Working for part time helps you generate some pocket money to fulfill your basic requirements as a teenager without depending on anyone. What can be any better reason than this?

If you’re shy to ask your parents and become self dependent than working as a freelancer is the best option for you.

3. Experience Building

You get the experience and idea of your job before hand and you can be prepared to face the challenges of future without being scared from it.

Getting similar level of experience is also same important and hence, I would suggest you to look for freelancing jobs in the areas of your interest.

In Conclusion

The world has become more competitive than you think and its always a good idea to become prepared beforehand. Looking for freelance jobs for students can fetch you good networking and give you enough experience to choose what is best for your career.

Hence, look for what is best for you and become future ready with better options in your hand.

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