Gum Pinkening

Gum pinkening
Gum Pinkening is here at Britegums. It’s a revolutionary procedure that we call “pinkening” because that’s what we do: pinken the gums. If you want to find a definition for “pinkening” in the dictionary, you won’t find one — at least not yet. Dr. Stanley came up with the term since he realized that the results of our treatment are similar, in many ways, to whitening. Before the teeth whitening craze in the 1980s, people might have called it “whitening.” But you can see now why it sounds completely false today when asked if they want their teeth whitened.


Gum Pinkening is a revolutionary procedure to use our specially designed gums to “pinken” your teeth. The procedure only takes 20 minutes and doesn’t require any anesthesia so you can enjoy it during the day. Check out our website, for more information! Gum pinkening is a cosmetic procedure performed on teeth with the objective of making them look whiter. Our gum pinkening service uses chloride-based bleaching agents that increase the brightness of teeth. Allergic reactions are uncommon but if they occur, we offer patient follow-up at no additional cost until allergy relief has been achieved. Are you ready to brighten up your smile? We know how important it is to your confidence and self-esteem to be proud of the teeth you’ve got. That’s why we developed Britegums to make it easier than ever to get healthy, brilliant teeth. At Britegums, we call our revolutionary procedure “pinkening” since that’s what we’re doing to the gums: pinkening them. If you look up the word “pinkening” in the dictionary, you won’t find a definition. Gum pinkening

The Gum Pinkening procedure can transform your smile. Visit us at Britegums today!

Gum pinkening is a cosmetic procedure that brightens your teeth and gums. The treatment causes the color of the gums to lighten, giving you a luminous smile with a healthy glow. We can do this procedure on both full and partial dentures, allowing you to get the same results! Gum Pinkening is the process of restoring stained or discolored gums to their original healthy color. Gum pinkening involves injecting a unique combination of dye and oxidant into the gums to transform them back to their natural, healthy color. Gum pinkening, or “pinkening” is our revolutionary procedure that helps patients keep their gums healthy and bright. A new addition to our cosmetic services, we call “pinkening” since that’s what we’re doing to the gums: pinkening them. We call our revolutionary procedure “pinkening” since that’s what we’re doing to the gums: pinkening them.” Gum pinkening is our revolutionary procedure that uses a non-invasive laser to lighten those stubborn, discolored spots on the gums. This help has proven results and has been used for centuries by dentists around the world to treat gum disease, so we thought we would try it ourselves. Gum pinkening

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Today, the word “pinkening” has become part of the everyday vernacular. With Britegums®, you can have your smile “pinkened” closer to its normal brighter shade. Your smile will look natural and bright during the entire treatment because your teeth are bathed with a combination of different formulas that make your tooth enamel more sensitive. In this case, “pinkening” refers to the procedure of restoring tooth enamel back to normal pH levels without damaging it with acid solutions like teeth whiteners, or even bleach (not good).
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