How To Do Affiliate Marketing In India – 5 Proven Steps

In this article we will discuss about How To Do Affiliate Marketing In India. Affiliate marketing has a great potential in India, but if you’re just starting out. You’ll need some solid training and direction. This post will provide you a solid foundation on which to build a successful affiliate marketing business, whether as a full-time gig or a side hustle. The advice presented here is the result of extensive research and the contributions of respected experts in their fields.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simple explanation of Affiliate marketing: When a product seller offers commissions to people who helps him drive leads and sales for his website or product/services.

Yes, Its that simple. For example: Amazon has a website and it has millions of product listed on it. So, it cannot go door to door to sell its products and hence, it distributes its work to people like you and me(Called marketers) to get sales. We then, as affiliate marketers sell Amazon’s product to our networks and earn commission from Amazon.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing In India?

You can start affiliate marketing in India by selecting a product from the below list and register yourself in one or all of the affiliate programs. Once registered, you will be provided with your affiliate link, banner, scan codes, advertising posts and you’re good to go. All you have to do is promote this link or the other resources provided to you on your websites, social media accounts, chat groups, forums etc. You earn commission in all the sales you generate for the seller’s website. BINGO!

Affiliate Marketing Types/Models:

PPC(Pay-Per-Click): Affiliates/Marketers are compensated for the number of clicks they provide. In this case, the number of leads/sales produced is irrelevant. PPC is not used much since the seller has to pay even if they don’t generate any profit from the click.

PPL(Pay-Per-Lead): Affiliates/Marketers are compensated for each and every lead they provide for the seller. It depends how the leads can be generated – online submissions, pre-purchases, or signing up for a website. Here, the risk of not making a profit is distributed between the seller and the affiliate partner.

PPS(Pay-Per-Sale): Affiliates/Marketers are compensated for all the sales they provide. Most of the businesses that has affiliate marketing system, use this model as the complete show is run by the affiliate partner.

Steps to start Affiliate Marketing in India:

How To Do Affiliate Marketing In India

1.  Start by choosing the product or service you want to promote

The first step for starting affiliate marketing in India or any other country is always to figure out what you want to promote. In other words, your niche.

Your niche can be your hobby, an interest, a lifestyle product or anything on the earth that interests you and of course– You should have some knowledge and confidence about it. Now you may be getting to the idea.

Picking a good niche is one of the toughest part of affiliate marketing. You need to select something you will not mind creating content about in the upcoming years. It takes time to create the brand and spread across the awareness to turn this into a full-time income flowing business, so don’t hesitate to spend a few hours here.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing In India - Website creation

Now, You can either choose a product you’re already fond of, OR you can do some research for good affiliate programs and base your niche on those programs.

Yes, finding a high-paying affiliate programs along with quality companies can be challenging. Usually, you’ll find nice products with low commissions (2%–4%) or no demand products with high commissions (20+).

But worry not, as every once in a while you’ll see a high-quality product with a high commission rate and if you do, all this hustle will start to make sense.

2. Secondly, get a website for yourself

Do not do the mistakes that most of the starters do by focusing on creating content for too many channels in one go. Creating accounts on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest, all while managing your blog is not possible.

Each of these single ones takes months or years to build engagement and require a lot of practice and experience for it.

But instead, choose one or two main traffic sources like getting a website to be specific because it can bring recurring organic traffic and get really good at them by practicing more.

Sure, you can have an account on all these channels and share your blog posts on them but keep the bulk of your content creation and attention on your website and use the rest to support it.

Nothing can be better than receiving organic traffic from Search Engines like Google to create a passive affiliate revenue.

3. Choose an Affiliate Marketing Program

In order to choose the right product, tips that could help you to come down to the most eligible affiliate programs are listed below.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing In India - Affiliate Marketing products

  • Make sure that the business has a well-known reputation
  • Choose a product that you know or have used before
  • Look out for schemes that offer great commission rates
  • See whether the affiliate program provides a system to track sales

In addition, there might be no perfect affiliate program but businesses with successful programs sell proven products, offer high commission rates and even better recurring ones, have well defined terms and conditions, welcomes everyone to join their programs and can efficiently track performance.

4. Finalize the product/service to promote

Now that you have chosen a program, finalize the product/service and move ahead to next step.

5. Create a unique content

Content creation is a very important method which is used by successful affiliate marketers to make sales. Provide content that is of interest to your visitors and promote products that your visitors will buy. Attaining such results can be done by using a few strategies as listed below.

  • Create content with heavy search volume
  • Put points about events that is related to your niche
  • Write honest product reviews
  • Focus on the bigger audience
  • Do complete research of your product

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Best Affiliate Programs in India to help you start with are listed here:

  1. Amazon
  2. Earn Karo
  3. Reseller Club
  4. Flipkart
  5. GoDaddy
  6. VCommission
  7. Cue Links

Benefits of starting an Affiliate Marketing in India

Lets see a few benefits that will help you know why you should choose affiliate marketing as a business in India. As we Indians always like to play safe and be on the safer side of risk taking, this is one of the best business ideas to go with. Other benefits include:

  1. Cost Saving business
  2. Creates a source of passive income
  3. Higher Return On Investment (ROI)
  4. Minimal Risks
  5. Flexibility
  6. Convenient
  7. Sole ownership
  8. No support to be provided to customers
  9. Performance based earning

Summary in Short

In the above paragraphs, I have taken time to explain and have given a brief explanation on how to do Affiliate Marketing in India. I have included topics which will explain – what is affiliate marketing? – Types of affiliate marketing – Steps involved in starting an affiliate marketing – Best Affiliate Marketing Programs available in India to start for beginners – Benefits of starting affiliate marketing in India.

The goal of this article is to provide knowledge that includes everything you want to know about affiliate marketing and its products/services so that you can start a successful affiliate marketing career without further ado.


Question 1 – What is Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Simple explanation of Affiliate marketing: When a product seller offers commissions to people who helps him drive leads and sales for his website or product/services.

Question 2 – Is affiliate marketing successful in India?

Answer: Yes, there are thousands of affiliate marketers who are running a successful business on Amazon, Flipkart and any other websites in India. Some of the full-time affiliate marketers even make 30-50 Lakhs per month in India.

Question 3 – How do I start affiliate marketing in India?

Answer: Just follow the above steps to start your never-ending journey with affiliate marketing in India and sky is the limit for you to grow. Just be focused and consistent.

Question 4 – How to start affiliate marketing for free?

Answer: Most of the programs in affiliate marketing is free and doesn’t charge you anything to promote their product. Once, you sell them, you are eligible to earn some commission out of it. I have listed some of the best affiliate marketing programs above for you check and register yourself in one or all of them and start promoting.

In order to promote them for free you can use social channels like, forums, blogs, Facebook pages, online communities, Instagram stories, WhatsApp status and anything that you can think of is a genuine platform to showcase your product.

Question 5 – Who is eligible for affiliate marketing?

Answer: Any one who has the skill of selling and networking can choose to become an Affiliate Marketer. It a skill based business and you can do wonders if you just know how to target the right audience with right product and achieve your sales. No degree or qualification is required to start affiliate marketing.

Question 6 – What are some of the best programs for affiliate marketing in India?

Answer: Some of the best and reliable affiliate marketing programs are offered by Amazon, Flipkart, EarnKaro, GoDaddy, Cue Links, Reseller Club and VCommission.

Question 7 – What is the best niche for affiliate marketing in India?

Answer: You should always choose the niche in which you have expertise or atleast a little knowledge but to help you start with, here are a few best niche in the market to consider: Fashion, Health and Fitness, Technology, Travel, Gaming, Education and Home Décor products.

Question 8 – How can a beginner do affiliate marketing in India?

Answer: As a starter you can start by creating or developing a website or a social platform(Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. ) where you can get the targeted traffic. Once ‘re done finding the platform, select a proper niche(Topic/Product/Service) and start building trust for your audience, by creating attractive posts, engaging them with your content. Even for the smallest number of audience, focus on creating Trust, which will take you ahead in this industry.

Question 9 –  How much a beginner affiliate marketers earn in India?

Answer: As per one of the studies, the average earning of a beginner affiliate marketer in India is around Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2000. But the people who are old in affiliate marketing and have been doing it for a while earns 16Lakhs – 50Lakhs a year (30 Lakhs being the average earning of experienced affiliate marketers).

Question 10 – How to attract Visitors to my website?

Answer: There are several methods for attracting visitors to your site, and you should use as many as possible. Starting a forum dedicated to discussing and promoting your affiliates’ products and services is another option, along with blogging about your topic and joining existing ones. You may distribute your affiliate link at the end of marketing articles by posting them on a variety of related websites. As an affiliate marketer, networking is essential to your success. To this end, it’s in your best interest to engage in as much casual conversation as possible, take use of social media, and treat everyone you meet with the utmost professionalism. Backlinking firms may help you reach more people and rise in the search engine results, two proven methods for attracting more visitors to your site.

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