How To Move Your Dresser With Mirror Easily

When you’re moving to a new house, there are a lot of things to think about, from packing everything up to getting everything set up.However, one thing that is frequently overlooked is how to move large pieces of furniture like mirror-attached dressers.

Fortunately, we have some pointers to help make the procedure a little bit simpler.You can move your dresser and mirror without any problems with a little planning and the assistance of a reputable Movers Barrie company.

1.Plan ahead 

The first step is to ensure that you have a strategy for moving your mirror-equipped dresser.Prior to moving day, try to remove the mirror from the dresser.It will be much easier to transport thanks to this, and it will also help shield the mirror from harm.

Wrap the mirror securely in towels or blankets if you are unable to disassemble it before transporting it.

It is essential to plan your route ahead of time before you begin.Make sure there is ample clearance for the mirror and plan a route that avoids sharp turns and tight spaces.Additionally, it’s a good idea to enlist the assistance of another person to lift and transport the dresser.You can make moving your dresser and mirror a breeze with a little careful planning and avoid potential issues.

2.Get assistance 

Moving a dresser with a mirror by yourself is not only challenging but also risky.Therefore, make sure to ask a friend or family member for assistance; the more hands you have, the better.The mirror-equipped dresser is a beautiful and useful piece of furniture.It’s perfect for any bedroom because it has a place to get ready for the day and storage for clothes and other personal belongings.Moving a dresser with a mirror, on the other hand, can be difficult, especially if you try to do it on your own.Fortunately, you can simplify the procedure by doing a few things.To keep the dresser from getting scratched, cover it with blankets or furniture pads.Get the assistance of a friend or family member to lift and move the dresser.The most important thing is to hire a Melbourne removalists company with a good reputation to ease the entire moving process.You can move your dresser with mirror without damaging it with a little planning.

3.Use furniture sliders to move a dresser with a mirror

Furniture sliders are a must-have tool for moving any large piece of furniture. Sliders are attached to the dresser’s feet and assist in creating a smooth, gliding motion when you move it, making it much simpler and less taxing on your back!It’s never easy to move heavy furniture, but it doesn’t have to be.You can make the job a lot easier with just a few basic tools. A set of furniture sliders is one of the most important items you should have on hand.These devices enable you to effortlessly slide furniture across the floor by attaching to its bottom.It is essential to move a dresser with a mirror with extreme caution. Breaking the mirror is the last thing you want.Before attaching the mirror to the dresser, wrap it in bubble wrap or blankets to prevent this.Attach the furniture sliders once everything is secured, and begin slowly moving the dresser toward its new location.You can make moving heavy furniture a breeze with a little planning.

4.Take your time and carefully remove the dresser’s drawers before putting them away.

To safeguard your floors, lay a blanket or sheet of furniture padding on the floor in front of the dresser.To guard your hands, don a pair of work gloves.Slide the dresser onto the padding or blankets by tilting it on its side.Lower the dresser carefully to the floor.To avoid injury, you should have someone help you lift and carry the dresser if you are moving it up or down stairs.Wrap the mirror in bubble wrap or another kind of padding to move it.Place it face down on a blanket or padding for furniture.It should be carefully lifted and placed upright on the new dresser.Before moving the rest of the dresser into place, tape or mirror clips can be used to hold it in place.The drawers should be reattached to the dresser once everything is in its new location.

Take your time and move the mirror-equipped dresser with care when you are finally ready to do so.If at all possible, try to avoid any abrupt starts or stops, as this could cause the mirror to come loose or fall off. Hire a Movers Etobicoke company to do the heavy lifting for you.

If you follow these hints, moving your mirror-equipped dresser shouldn’t be difficult.You’ll be able to move it quickly if you plan ahead, get assistance, and take your time.


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