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How to Start Activewear Clothing Business

Who does not like to look fit and smart? Of course, you would want to give the body the attention it deserves in this busy world. For this, you must shift your focus to eating healthy food and working out to build up your stamina. Therefore, it is time to cut on carbs and work on a well-toned body.

One way of staying motivated is to own a closet full of gym clothes! It will urge you to start exercising and get that athletic-toned body. However, finding the correct workout wear brand is quite tiring. Why not try opening your activewear clothing line this year? It is quite achievable, given that you have the right people to guide and motivate you.

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What is Activewear?

Activewear is a broad term. Under its banner, it includes sportswear, extreme outdoor activities, and workout wear. Simply put, these are the clothes you would need to break a sweat! Therefore, you would need to focus on getting high-performance wear. In addition, these types of clothes are made from different fabrics that differ greatly from other garments due to their performance.

It differs from athleisure wear because the latter focuses on athletic and leisure activities. Therefore, you can wear athleisure wear even on your casual days! However, activewear means wearing outfits when you have to exert yourself physically.

This year, why not start with a bang? To set up an activewear clothing line, you must consider the following tips:

1: Business Plan

You cannot start without a business plan, as it will define the direction you will take. A business plan includes your initial capital, overall budget, defined timeline, nature of the business, etc. In short, it is a comprehensive proposal for the world to see and for you to manage! 

Tip: Break up your long-term goals into some shorter ones to take a great start. Then, your team must work together to achieve those shorter goals first.

2: Target Market

Remember, not everyone will buy your product. You would have to search and sift to build a strong customer base. Consequently, activewear is niche and will attract fewer customers. However, with qualitative products, you can ensure that word of mouth will do its work!

Tip: Do comprehensive research on the type of people willing to buy your products. You can give out free samples to influencers that can boost your brand image and attract potential customers.

3: Study Material and Fabric Properties

Furthermore, purchasing athletic shirts at wholesale needs prior research and developing a knowledge base. For this, you must understand what constitutes activewear. It would help if you considered the following aspects of making perfect activewear:

  • Fabric Type: It means selecting highly durable material. Spandex, nylon, and pique-polyester make a good choice for activewear.
  • Lightweight: It must be lightweight, so the user feels comfortable in their skin.
  • Moisture-wicking: It must be stain resistant. Consequently, it should wick away moisture or sweat during a workout session.
  • Ventilation: It should be airy and breezy. Proper air ventilation is necessary so that the wearer feels comfortable. Mesh fabric is preferable when making a ventilated outfit.

Tip: Clothes that fit the bill! Therefore, try to manufacture outfits that are the right size for your customers. Moreover, synthetic cotton blends are the right choice when making high-performance wear.

4: Suppliers and Wholesalers

Wholesalers are the backbone of your business. They will help you build your brand and define what type of product you will go with. Consequently, suppliers can offer you unique services such as screen and DTG printing. Moreover, you can purchase in bulk from them and save the expenses. 

Tip: Try sticking to one supplier on this journey. Once you find a wholesaler that does not compromise on quality and gives out good discounts, never change!

5: Develop Brand Image

Lastly, you must work on developing your brand image. One way of doing this is through efficient advertising. Therefore, utilize online platforms to announce your brand and products. In addition, throw in referral codes to attract more customers. Remember that you cannot compromise on quality!

To start, you must get Athletic shirts at wholesale or various blank activewear to develop your brand image. Put your business logo on these clothing items to differentiate from other brands. It is your business logo that will set the brand’s value.

Tip: Online advertisement will save you costs instead of relying on billboards and other traditional ways of advertising. Therefore, invest in digital advertising and work on building an authentic brand image!

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Savor in your labor

Relish in the fruits of your labor! The activewear business is reaching its highest potential because of ethically conscious consumers. You will get your clothing line on top by focusing on quality and performance apparel. Consequently, you must work hard to develop a name for the brand. And remember that to challenge yourself when push comes to shove!

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