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iPhone contacts disappeared? Try these 4 real fixes!

iPhone contacts missing

There are many common problems that the users of the iPhone face and in this guide, we are going to tackle one such issue that is very common with the users of the iPhone. If you are struggling with the issue of iPhone contacts missing then, do not worry as we are going to tell you some simple solutions that will help you to fix the issue you have. 

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What can you do if your Contacts Disappeared from your iPhone?

It can be very problematic when your contacts disappeared on iPhone and there are some simple methods that you can use when you are facing this issue. All the methods that we are going to share here will help you in resolving your issue and we hope that you can make use of the methods that we are sharing here with you. 

Log out and then Log into your iCloud

All the contacts on an iPhone are stored in your iCloud account and that is why it can be very helpful for you if you try to log out of your iCloud account and then login into your account again. This method ensures that you refresh your account and fix all the technical glitches that there are in the account. 

Change group settings for contacts

Another method that you can try is to change the group settings of the contacts if your iPhone contacts disappeared then, the settings can be a major reason for the same. You can change the settings of the contacts from the phone application on your iPhone and ensure that can see all your contacts without any difficulty. 

Turn off/on iCloud

Many times this problem can be fixed with a simple toggle switch of the iCloud. You need to open the settings of the device and then look for your iCloud account. There, you have to open the Contacts options and then sync or remove the contacts to see if this fixes your issue. 

Make sure iPhone is the default setting in your device

An iPhone gives you the choice to choose the location of your contacts on your device and you need to make sure that you select ‘On your iPhone’ so that all your contacts are only stored in your iPhone and not somewhere else. 

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