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Is BDS has Scope in Future?

BS Dental Sciences
As BDS has great scope candidates can adopt the teaching profession as a lecturer in any private or government dental institutes or colleges. Generally, fresh graduates who have a knack for teaching pursue careers in academics. They can also teach in state government colleges as a teaching faculty. BDS has a broad career opportunity, not just in Pakistan but all around the globe. Teeth problems are very common in Pakistan, as they are an essential part of our bodies. Due to the increasing population, there is a greater need for dentists in Pakistan. Quacks in Pakistan are still treating patients, and there is a high demand for qualified dentists across Pakistan. Almost all BDS graduates in Pakistan get jobs in public or private hospitals because there is a shortage of qualified dentists. The vast income potential of private practice is what draws the majority of dentists to private practice. It was difficult for Pakistani students to become dentists in the past. However, many private dental colleges are now opening in different parts of Pakistan. Dentistry (BDS) has many specialties due to its increasingly complex lives and continuous research. Because of their expertise, specialists in different fields can provide better care for clients.
  Scope of BDS is always expanding. As the population increases, so does the need for dentists. Additional factors also come into play. You can visit the dentist for bad hygiene and issues with gums. More dentists are required in growing cities like Pakistan. BDS is just the first step. You have many exciting choices and fields to choose from. You can become a general practitioner. Or you could also become a surgeon. You can also specialize in braces. All of these require additional years of education. However, the first step is successfully passing your BDS degree. Pakistan requires all these fields. The country needs general dentists. It also needs dental surgeons and mouth specialists. Hospitals and private clinics are demanding high quality dentists. Dentistry is a great field for females. It is a highly recommended career option for females in Pakistan. Dentist clinics are opening up in the smaller cities as well. Awareness is taking place of keeping good mouth hygiene and frequently visiting the dentist. Dentists treat teeth and mouth tissue problems and diseases. They remove decay and fill cavities. Specialists assist in repairing fractured teeth. Highly skilled dentists turn toward surgery. They perform surgery on gums and mouth. There are some career options for DBS students: Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery After completing your B.D.S. course, pursuing a Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) can give you a deeper knowledge of the field. It is the highest educational degree in the field of dentistry and can improve your chances of getting a job as a dentist in reputed institutions. Master’s Degree in Public Health Once you have completed your B.D.S. course, pursuing a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) can be a good idea if you want to study abroad. It is a two-year graduate-level degree that focuses on public health and is a non-clinical role. There are several colleges in Australia, the USA, the UK and European countries that offer this course. Lecturer If you have previous experience as a dentist, becoming a lecturer can be a career path as several dental colleges look for dental faculty with previous experience. Depending on the college, the experience can be anywhere between three to five years. After completing five years as a professor and five years as a practitioner in a medical institution, you can even become the dean of a dental college. Clinical practice After completing your B.D.S. of course, you can start your own clinic, work in a clinic associated with a hospital or work in private clinics. Starting your own clinic can require a substantial investment initially, but once your practice begins, earnings can be high. Overseas Career as a Dentist Becoming a dentist overseas is also a career option after B.D.S. You can apply for an M.D.S. degree abroad or start your own dental practice there. For this, the first step is to choose the country you want to work in and understand their eligibility criteria. Government Jobs as a Dentist After completing B.D.S., you can also apply for government jobs. There are many job openings for dentists in government hospitals or in rural areas. You can even apply for non-clinical roles through several government entrance exams like Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Staff Selection Commission (SSC), State Public Service Commission (SPSC) or work in public sector banks. Read more here!

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