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K&D Veterans Medical Assessment VA Rates Lumbar Fusion Disability

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that utilizes bone grafts, metal plates, screws, or rods to immobilize and strengthen an area of the spine that has been damaged by disease or injury. Spinal fusion aims to eliminate movement at the injury site to increase stability and reduce back pain. If you’re a veteran who has had that surgical treatment, you may qualify for a spinal fusion or lumbar fusion disability rating. However, VA disability benefits have become increasingly complex in recent years. The ever-changing regulations and processes can be confusing and difficult to follow. An experienced VA disability attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for your spinal fusion.

What Does Veteran Status Mean?

The initial step in proving your eligibility for VA disability benefits is demonstrating that you are eligible for VA status as a Veteran in Mind. Depending on the length of your service, there may be different regulations for how long you must serve on active duty, especially if you have been in the reserve or National Guard. While any physical injury incurred while on active duty, including all education services, will help you qualify for veteran status, only specific lengths of service veterans qualify for certain illness presumptions.

The first application form available for VA benefits, VA Form 21-526EZ, requires applicants to provide details about when they served on active duty, including any periods of active or inactive education service that precipitated injury or illness.

Was Your Application Rejected For Disabled Spine Fusion?

If the VA rejects your spinal disability application, you and your family will be considerably disadvantaged. Fortunately, veterans can appeal a VA disability claim denied. AOB has simplified the complaints procedure by reducing the waiting time for a decision on your application.

When you get a refusal, working with a VA lumbar fusion disability rating attorney can increase your chances of getting your benefits. Your lawyer will take care of the whole process, so all you have to worry about is doctor’s appointments.

How Does Spine Fusion Work?

The VA classifies spinal fusions as other spinal disorders and bases its rating on a veteran’s range of motion as defined in 38 CFR §4.71a, Schedule of Ratings – Musculoskeletal (Diagnostic Code 5241).

Injury ratings for spinal disorders range from 10% for mild ailments to 100% for severe damage along the spine. Veterans with a smaller range of motion often receive a higher lumbar fusion disability rating.

What is affected, the symptoms, and what has the most significant impact on your daily life will determine your assessment and diagnosis. The VA’s job is to give you the highest possible score for your symptoms.

After receiving it, a VA Disability Attorney will review your assessment decision. It ensures that the VA doesn’t make any mistakes in your records. Even if that mistake was made decades ago, a qualified disability insurance attorney could help you get your benefits.

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