Kunal Shah Net Worth 2023 – Meet the Founder Of CRED

In this article, we will discuss about Kunal Shah Net Worth – Founder Of India’s most used Credit Card payment app company (CRED), Biography, Personal Life, Age, Wife, Career, Salary and many more. Kunal has started and winded up many startups in India and is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs. Kunal Shah Net Worth is Estimated to be $810 Million (Kunal Shah net worth in Indian Rupees is 6521 Crore). He raised multiple investments in a very less amount of time which demonstrated his talent to grow any business. Kunal shah startup CRED is one of the second fastest growing Unicorn in India.

He started working at a very young age. The reason being, he was from a poor family and it was difficult for him to fulfill his and his family needs. Due to this reason, his childhood was also difficult but keeping all things aside he became India’s most successful investor too.

Who Is Kunal Shah?

Kunal Shah is a 39 year old Entrepreneur and the Founder of India’s most famous credit card payment app known as CRED. He was also the founder of FreeCharge which got acquired by Snapdeal and then later by Axis Bank.

CRED, as well know is a credit card bill payment rewards platform that rewards its members for timely paying their credit card bills.

Kunal Shah was also a part-time partner at Y Combinator and as an advisor at Sequoia Capital.

The CRED founder, Kunal Shah started working at an age of 15 to support the financial needs of his family. He was working even when pursuing his BA as a freelancer specific to programmer and designer.

He than created PaisaBack, a small SaaS company which was a promotional and cashback platform for retailers. This was transformed into Freecharge in 2010.

Kunal Shah Net Worth | Kunal Shah Personal Life

Kunal Shah was born on 20th May, 1983 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He had a vision of becoming an Entrepreneur in his early college days itself and that’s what made him drop his MBA and start his own tech startup, Multiple Companies in 2000. He has also been part of hot seat with Forbes Advisor India.

Kunal Shah Net worth is estimated be more than $810 Million (6521 Crores). He is the Founder of India’s second fastest growing Unicorn Startup, CRED. It is said to be more than 75 crores every month which seems like an extra ordinary startup.

Kunal Shah married a professional Graphic Designer Bhavna Shah who also helped him in increasing his workplace productivity. However, Kunal prefers to keep his personal and professional lives apart and for him privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance.

Kunal’s attitude is of Never Give Up and that is what keeps him going always.

Name : Kunal Shah

Wife: Bhavana Shah

NET Worth: $810 Estimated

Company Name: CRED

Birthday: 20th May, 1983

Age(As in 2023): 39 years

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Zodiac: Taurus

Nationality: Indian

Education : BA in Philosophy from Wilson College, Mumbai (MBA Dropout)

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How Much Does Kunal Shah Earn?

Kunal Shah revealed his salary while talking to a person on Instagram and gave a shocking reply that he earns only Rs. 15000 per month as the company is running in loss. Kunal Shah told his salary on ‘Ask Me Anything’ session conducted by him on Instagram.

“I don’t believe I should get a good salary till the company is profitable. My salary at CRED is Rs 15,000 per month and I can survive as I sold my company FreeCharge in the past,”

The user then asked him ‘Your salary is so low than how do you survive?’

To this Kunal Shah replied that he does not believe he should withdraw good salary until the company is profitable. Kunal Shah salary is Rs. 15000 and he can survive because he sold his company ‘FreeCharge’ in the past.

Why Is Kunal Shah Famous?

Kunal Shah is famous because he is the founder of India’s rapidly growing unicorn start-ups CRED. He is also a venture Capitalists and a successful Entrepreneur who knew how to rise from low and instead of being from a humble family and all the hardships he faced in his life he never gave up.

How Did Kunal Shah Become Rich?(Secret behind Kunal Shah Net Worth)

Kunal Shah invested all his money which he generated by selling his company in startups throughout the globe. There are about 80 startups in which he invested as an Angel Investor. To name a few, Pianta (healthcare), Unacademy(Ed-Tech), Razorpay(Fintech).

What Is The Qualification Of Kunal Shah?

Kunal Shah has completed his bachelors in Philosophy from Wilson college, Mumbai. He continued pursuing MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai but he choose to drop out later.

Is CRED a Loss Making Company?

CRED has done a net loss of Rs 1,279 crore in FY 2022. However, its revenue boosted by almost 340 percent which was from 95 crore in FY21 to 422 crore in FY22, as reported by The Hindu Businessline.

The fintech company’s losses have increased by 524 crore in FY21. In one of the conversations, the founder of CRED attributed the losses to company’s focus on branding and building community.


After reading the above it is very much obvious that nothing is impossible in life if you want to achieve something passionately.

The Founder of CRED, Kunal Shah Net worth and family background completely contradict each other. He was a person who knew how to make his place in the business and he tried multiple options and failed. But his never give up attitude made him what he is today. He created his life from scratch and made one of the fastest growing startups.

Just know that if he can do it, You can too!

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