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Goa – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Goa, though the smallest Indian state, is also the most interesting. The state is small but it’s still a great place to visit. There are many things to do in Goa: nightlife, beaches, spas, and a wide range of fauna and flora. The state’s coastal border does not prevent it from being home to mountains full of greenery.You can also visit south goa sightseeing.

Goa is an extremely small state. However, it is possible to find its many miles by choosing a direction. Goa can be broken into two parts. North Goa and South Goa. Both have sun, sand, and ocean. Each facet is just as spectacular and definitely worth the Grand Goa Trip.

Information about the Destination

North Goa is the perfect combination of Goan and domestic beauty. You will find partying, great food, sun, cheap booze, many pubs and lots of things to do. North Goa is a state that is ideal for those who cannot decide whether they want adventure or peace. However, it is open to all.


  • Before we begin the description of North Goa it is important to ask the fundamental question: How do you reach North Goa?


It is easy to fly to North Goa. Goa only has one airport, Dabolim.It is situated in the state’s centre.You can rent a taxi from Dabolim airport.

2.By train:

Thivim is an important junction in North Goa where all upcountry trains make a journey.


The guidelines will vary depending on where you are coming from in India. It takes about 10 hours 32 minutes to travel from Mumbai to North Goa (578.8km) via AH47.

4.By bus:

You can find buses that run from major Indian cities to North Goa. Panjim is the main stop. You can choose to book an AC bus with luxurious amenities or a bus that is more economical depending on your budget and preferences.

Let’s now learn more about North Goa.

1.Vagator Beach –

It is a perfect place to relax. It’s a little off the beaten track and offers some of the most stunning sunsets. It’s incredible to be so close to your car when the streets of Vagator are covered in trees. Vagator Beach offers many activities. Vagator Beach offers many water activities, including parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides and parasailing.

2.Candolim Beach-

Another great location in North Goa. It is a long distance from the commercial hub-dub. Candolim is located near most of North Goa’s party spots. You can also go swimming, massage, clubbing and yoga.

3.Chapora Fort-

After being featured in the Bollywood movie “Dil Chahta Hai”, the place became famous. It is located on a hilltop near Chapora River. The fort is open daily from 9:30 to 5:30pm.

4.Fort Aguada

The great Arabian Sea is just a few meters from the fort. The wall of the fort is touched by the waves of the ocean. From the fort, you can enjoy a stunning view of the ocean. The fort houses one of Asia’s oldest lighthouses, making it a popular tourist attraction.

5.North Goa has a lot to offer. Baga Beach, Calangute Beach and Reis Magos Fort are just a few of the many places you can visit in North Goa.


  • It is impossible to visit North Goa without trying the food. So, where can you eat in North Goa.


The ideal time to visit is from mid-November until mid-February. giving it a lively feel in the evenings and a relaxed atmosphere in the morning. It serves Mediterranean and Greek cuisines as well as imported juices, wines, and cocktails.

2.Tuscany Gardens –

Because it is a goan way of cooking, the restaurant is known for its delicious seafood, thin crust pizzas and homemade pasta. There is a bar that stocks wine, beer, and other beverages. It is a romantic, intimate and comfortable place to enjoy a meal in the evening.

3.Mum’s Kitchen-

It is known for its portuguese and traditional gaon cuisine. The chefs use traditional spices to give their dishes a home-cooked taste and texture. It has a beautiful garden view and is fully air-conditioned.

4.Goa, although it is the smallest state in India, does not mean it is small enough to have only a handful of food outlets, cafes and restaurants. The place is home to a multitude of restaurants and cafes, just like it has endless beaches.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should make a North Goa trip.

You should not miss the Carnival and other festivals.

Goa celebrates a carnival every February. Since the Portuguese era, the carnival is celebrated all over the state. Every year, the carnival is led by the Catholic community. Residents and villagers of Goa celebrate carnival by dressing up in traditional and fancy clothes. They also enjoy alcohol and delicious food, making it seem like an endless party.

In December, near Christmas, the Catholic community celebrates the festival full-throttle during winters. You know that Goa is full of churches, so during this time of year the community dances and sings carol songs in front of the church.

If you are able to handle crowds, consider visiting December.The ideal time to visit is from mid-November until mid-February.


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