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Revature Discusses Why IT Industry Should Embrace the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Model


Talent acquisition is among the most vital aspects of a modern business. Businesses need to be proactive about keeping pace with the latest recruiting test to find the best talent for their team. Doing so is especially vital for an ever-evolving and rapidly advancing field like IT.

Fortunately, to solve the talent acquisition problem of tech-based organizations; there are talent development companies like Revature that leverage the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model. This company basically finds the right candidates from varied sources, trains them in the skills needed by the IT firm, and deploys them to the clients after the training is completed.

Revature marks the many advantages of the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model

Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model allows IT companies to save a lot of time and money in the employee recruitment and onboarding process, by providing the talent with the exact skill set for a relevant position or project. IT companies eagerly search for skilled and knowledgeable graduates, trainees, and professionals who can start working immediately, without having to invest time and resources in training them. This can easily be achieved by acquiring talent through an HTD company. The HTD framework of recruitment significantly simplifies the overall recruitment process and allows for smooth employee onboarding. HTD model follows a well-organized approach that takes the requirements of client companies into consideration and bridges the gap between the existing and the desired skill sets of potential employees.

Many might think that the HTD model is exactly like staffing, as the individuals in both situations get deployed on contract. However, in reality, both of these processes differ in many aspects. Upfront hiring and training are the two key factors that differentiate HTD from traditional staffing. The HTD model takes way more hassle off the employers’ plate in comparison to traditional methods.

For IT companies, the Hire-Train-Deploy allows for both risk and cost optimization.

By availing the aid of an HTD company, they can do away with the large investment that goes into hiring and training fresh graduates, and can effectively build a trained workforce. It allows IT companies to benefit from a predictable and scalable model for building a steady talent pipeline.

It is important to understand that HTD companies like Revature not only benefit the employers but also can be quite advantageous for employees. The programs offered by such companies allow candidates to get skilled in cutting-edge technologies, which are widely valued by modern employers. The employees may also get ‘Hands on’ exposure to global projects, along with good job opportunities with lucrative compensation. While certain tech graduates join boot camps to acquire industry-relevant skills, they have to pay money upfront to get the required training in such situations. On the other hand, in the case of the HTD model, not only do the candidates not have to pay anything for the training, they actually get paid. Most tech graduates already would have paid enough just to get their degree, and hence it is a smarter move for them to find an HTD company that invests in them.

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