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Are you serious in starting your own business? If your answer is Yes, then its the right time to read this blog and correct place as you will get exactly what you’re looking for. Every business has its goods and bads and you need not to be scared for choosing the right business as it’s just about the right business ideas to succeed. You should have the passion and zeal along with the right skillsets to crack the idea. There will be challenges that might come up but you need to tackle everything patiently. Now, let’s discuss some small business ideas from home in India for you to choose which one matches your skill set and expertise.

What are the perks of doing Small Business from Home in India?

When you think of doing small business from home, you must know what are the pros of pursuing it and why you should choose this. Lets discuss a few of the benefits of the starting the small business from home.

  • You become independent: One of the best thing of choosing the small business ideas from home in India is that, it makes you independent and you can make your own time-table. You will no more have to depend on others for your salary or job. You can decide your own working hours and plan your own ideas as per your goals and targets.
  •  Multitasking: You can do multiple things at once. For example, you can manage your home as well as your job at the same time. It is one of the best option for housewives and people who are single parents. If you are a blogger, then you can just work for three-four hours a day and then the whole day is yours. You can also start other business while pursuing one of these tasks. Many people prefer to do job and at the same time start their business. In that case, it is again one of the best option as you get to choose your working hours for one of the jobs.
  • You don’t have to pay rent: Yes! this is the best part of doing small business from home. You don’t have to pay any rent. You just need a room in your house where you can do the setup and then you’re good to go.
  • There is no politics: Since, this is your own business and you are the sole owner of it, you don’t have to face the dirty politics of office people and bang your head to survive in the company. These days, people try to find ways to put you down so that, they can become hero Infront of their bosses in order to get promoted. thankfully you skip this part. In fact, you can offer a promotion to yourself.
  • You become the Role Model: Yes, you read it right! you become a role model to rest of your family members and your friends who can create and manage a whole empire at home. It becomes easier for rest of the people to see you working so hard to erect the business and finally get to some point. So, what else do you need.

Business vs. Job – Important Differences Between the Two

What is Job?

When you work under someone for a fixed amount of monthly salary, then it is considered as a job. You get hired because of the skillsets that you possess and you get paid as per your grade or hierarchy in the organization. You don’t have the risk factor of bearing any loss irrespective of whether the company is at profit or loss. If you don’t want to take any risk or don’t have enough funds to start any business then, you can get skilled at something you know or you are well versed with and get a job in that field accordingly.

What is a business?

Business is something that you do to earn profit, by selling your products or service at a reasonable compensation from the customers. It comes with risk depending upon the type of business you wish to choose and the amount of risk you’re willing to take. It has its own pros and cons however, if the company bears loss then you also bear the loss and if the company is in profit then you also enjoy the whole profit.

So now, that we have understood what job and business is, let us try to understand what are the important differences between the two and what should you choose?

Advantages of choosing job over business:

  • Stable source of Income
  • Working hours is usually fixed
  • Easy to scale up in career
  • No stress of generating profit
  • No fear of facing any loss
  • Chance to change domain and move to another
  • Opportunity to switch your company in case of any problem and move to another with greater hike

Advantages of choosing business over job:

  • You become Independent
  • Option to learn more and scale more in your field of business
  • Keep all profits to yourself
  • You get to choose your field of expertise and grow
  • Flexible working hours

Here are the 15 Most Successful Small Business Ideas From Home in India Listed:

1. Women’s Products shop:

Women’s Products shop

Women are always fond of buying new and unique products and maintaining a range of latest trends and fashion in their wardrobe.
Starting a women’s products & accessories shop is easy option for small business ideas from home in India as you will find a range of different products at less price and you can sell them at a decent hike to your customers.
The market for this business is very big and you just need to focus on getting a unique stock then others. Do a little bit of research and you are already there.
Some of the product that will sell easily are Hair Clips, Hair Bands, ear-rings, latest perfumes, dresses(modern/traditional), Hair Accessories, Women’s Bags, Women’s Scarf, Beauty Products etc.

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2. Mobile Retail Shop:

mobile retail

Everyone owns a smartphone these days and it’s no more a fairy tale. The number of people purchasing a phone is increasing at an alarming rate.
If we consider only a small portion of India, it has increased by more than 50 Crores which is just a small part of the total population of India and hence, this sector provides a huge opportunity to start a business today.
You can become a mobile seller in your home even though there are shops of same kind, you can expect a decent earning. Prepare a budget of starting low and then try to scale up eventually once you start making some good earning. Remember to provide good service and product to retain your customers for a long time.

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3. Vlogging/ Blogging:


If you’re given a choice to pick single money-making option from a list of small business ideas from home in India, blogging and vlogging have a huge potential. As long as it attracts the audience, it does not really matter what is the topic you choosing to create your blogging content. Many top-rated artists, including stand-up performers have considered this as a best way to expand their business. The goal should always be to maximize the traffic of the chosen platform by creating an interesting piece of content. In most of the cases of video platforms, people get paid based on the number of views while in the case of blogs, adverting revenues and affiliate marketing products helps the business to make money.

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4. Social Media agency

social media agency

The demand for social media and content outsourcing is growing. In 2021, agencies in the US experienced the fastest growth in revenue in the past 20 years.
Companies are expanding their business and teams to tackle with the increasing competition of social media landscape. Also, creators and influencers have increased their clientele. Hence, creating ad-hoc agencies to keep up with the demand can be one of the best business ideas to start with. In order to start an agency you need to do some research on your competitor and learn some social media posting skill.

5. Café


It’s no more a secret that Indians have an immense love for freshly brewed coffee and this passion has led to an increase in the number of tea/coffee and bakery shops in India at an alarming rate. The café format is becoming a famous option for starting a restaurant business in India. According to one of the reports, this business has seen a growth of CAGR of over 11% in 2021. You can start a home café if you have a small area available at your home that you can convert into café. And if done correctly, it can be an extremely profitable business.

6. Small Party Planner

party planner

Planning parties is kinda fun activity which can also fetch you some good amount of cash. In order to do it right, it requires salesmanship, multitasking and above all, a hobby which includes a desire to help other people. If you have these things in you then why to wait! This can be a great small business idea in India as functions and small occasion is a very common part of Indian societies. And this can keep you always in business and later on, you can expand this by opening an event management company at home itself. All you need is a spare room at home where you can keep your inventory and a table to plan things out.

7. Cookery Classes

Cookery Classes

Starting a cooking class business can be a perfect idea for housewives and also for people who have passion for cooking. Did you know that this passion of yours can fetch you money without spending much? Yes, all you need a camera, internet and kitchen to get started. I am talking about online cooking class which is budget friendly as well as can become a part of your daily chores. You can record while you’re cooking and later on edit and post online. You can choose to publish your videos on YouTube or any social media. If you can spend some money then you can also start an offline cookery class. Choose the option that fits your budget, and do your homework well before you get into it.

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8. Day-care Services or Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting

Although, babysitting/Day care is not a new idea but the earning potential as well as the demand for this business has increased immensely in recent years. Families are looking out for qualified and reliable individuals to monitor and interact with their children. This service is usually provided at customer’s residence, hotels, event venues or in the babysitter’s home itself depending on the client’s choice.

9. Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

The increasing growth of the global economy is powering the creation of new start-ups and companies including the expansion of existing ones. Entrepreneurs are taking steps towards turning their visions into reality. This rapid increase of business expansion opens another door of providing service into recruitment, as organizations are looking for new talent to take their business to next level.
And with these vacant positions waiting to be filled while many candidates are in search for better career opportunities, it creates absolutely win-win situation for the recruitment industry.

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10. Ola and Uber Partner

cab service

In case, you’re looking to start a small business in India, then linking your car with Ola/Uber Cabs can be a brilliant idea. Let’s see why:
Ola/Uber Cabs are within some of the most popular ride-sharing apps in India, so getting customers is very easy.
Well its pocket friendly way to start. If you don’t own a car then you can also register with your bike and do some part time until you save some money for car and then later, consider to expand it.
You are the boss, which means you can work at your free time.
So, if you’re looking for a small start in order to enter the market of opportunities, linking your vehicle with such services is definitely the way to go.

11. Online Dropshipping Business from Home in India

Online Dropshipping Business

Getting started with a dropshipping business is a good way of stepping into entrepreneurship. Here, you can sell products, set your own prices, and advertise your very own brand. You don’t have to pay for any inventory until it is sold to the customer. Your commitment towards starting a successful business is all you need to get started a dropshipping.
You will be surprised to know that ecommerce sales amounted to nearly 5.2 trillion dollars worldwide in 2022 and will increase further in 2023. So, going with Drop Shipping business can be all you need to do right now.

12. Gaming Parlor


There can be nothing better than turning your hobby into a profitable business! And what if it is playing video games?
You might have spent a almost half of your lifetime playing video games and now thinking about using your experience to earn some cash. Pal, its a great idea as we all know the craze of the gaming industry in India.
Starting a new business gives you adrenaline rush. From planning to organizing to marketing, everything fills you with a sense of adventure and thrill. If so, then this business is a absolutely a game changer for you.

13. Stationery Shop at home

Stationary shop

With revenue potential of almost $60,000 to $300,000 p.a., the market size of stationary products is suspected to be valued at $30B by 2031 with a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period of 2021-2031.
If this is done right, the stationery business can be highly profitable for you. You can start this at home without even opening an actual shop. Just do some marketing and you’re good to go.

14. Artificial Jewellery for Men/Women


As we all know, Indians adore jewellery specially when it is stone-studded and available in more varieties than regular ones. Jewelries have always been part of Indian culture and especially important during weddings, parties, family functions, etc. It can’t be denied that the rising gold and real jewellery prices is a big challenge for middle class people in India. But this is where you get a chance to showcase your talent and help them convert their love for traditional jewellery into something more dazzling.
The costs are negligible when compared to gold and silver, moreover it looks authentic and is available in modern/fashionable designs. Along with this, it can also be customized. The growth of this industry has been exponential and increased by nearly 85%.

15. Tuition Classes

Tuition classes

Home Tuition classes has played a big part of the education sector for decades. Big players like Byjus, Vedantu, Allen have already captured a big market throughout India. All you need is the teaching skills and a plan to get some students through word of mouth. Then the word spreads automatically if you provide a good service in affordable rates. You can also go online and register with a few coaching classes to do your marketing.

There are numerous small business ideas from home that you can do in India and the above mentioned ones are a few of successful and less capital business that can be started immediately with less or no experience. Personally, I would suggest that you can go for blogging, home tuitions, dropshipping or cooking classes at home. As, these are easy to understand as a beginner and less or no capital is employed. Hence, fear of losing out is not considered.

Which Option is Best for a Student?

From the instance, Make in India initiative has taken place, the startups have taken a boom in the industry and every youngster is dreaming of starting their own company and getting more attracted towards entrepreneurship. But how far will this continue? Is it good to leave a good paying job and take the risk of starting your own company?

Well it depends how much capacity of risk-taking do you have? If your family has a well established business and you have been brought up in such environment, then yes its a good idea to start something of your own after your graduation or even while you’re studying and put your knowledge into your work to take it to the next level. on the other hand, if you do not have such a background and you belong to a family where your parents and other family members belong to a service background, then the best option is to join a company as an employee. Work there for sometime(2-3years on an average), gain some knowledge, understand the industry, make notes, network with people and then when you’re finally ready; Just go on!

How much can you earn as a beginner with small business in India?

With the rapid growing economy in India small businesses creates a heavy impact. Although, the average earning for each sector in India varies depending on the type of business you select. However, as per one of the survey done by Indian Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), the average annual income of small businesses in India was Rs 4 lakhs.

If you give your full efforts and do a complete research before getting into anything, you will definitely fulfill all your dreams and will start and grow your business successfully. You can earn more than you imagine but all it takes is your positive efforts and consistency to your work. I have given you a list of some best and successful small business ideas from home in India.

Now, the next step is for you to choose the one that suits you best and get started with it. Put your best efforts and forget that you what to earn money in the beginning. Consider yourself an employee of your own company and that you’re working as a fresher only to gain experience. Once you start thinking this, you will automatically give your best and starting working day and night to make it successful as per your calculations. The secret to success lies in the hard and innovative work that you put behind building your dream brand. Don’t leave any stone unturned. When you realize the potential behind the hard work, you don’t need any other motivation and sky is the limit. Only focus on giving your best. All the best!

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