Design For Success – 10 Creative Small Mobile Shop Design Ideas

Starting your business in mobile retail is a perfect idea. The Small Mobile Shop Design Ideas can help you stand out in the crowd and attract the majority of your target customers. Also, the market of mobile shops in India is growing rapidly as every one is using smartphone these days.

The mobile penetration rate is of around 80% with a population of around 1.3 billion and it is one of the fastest growing industry.

It includes various products such as smartphones of different companies, tablets, audio devices and many other accessories.

This market is extremely competitive and still emerging. Some of the big players in this market are Reliance, Croma, Vijay Sales, The mobile store etc.

You too can take advantage of this growing market and make some space for your brand or choose to go with the existing brands. However, creating an attractive design for shop becomes extremely important and hence, here we are going to find some creative and innovative small mobile shop design ideas to help you succeed in your dream business.

So let’s get started.

Small Mobile Shop Design Ideas – Complete Idea Of Setting Up a Profitable Mobile Business

Setting up of a mobile shop can put you in hassle and make you wonder what are the things you need to keep in mind before setting up a profitable mobile business. I will guide you to shortlist all the points that needs to be considered before starting your mobile shop business and in this guide of Small Mobile Shop Design Ideas, will be all you need to go though before starting one.

1. Minimalistic Design of shop:

The best way to utilize the small space of the shop is to create a minimalistic design of the shop. It uses less space to look more spacious. You can use simple attachment units, vibrant colors and clear lines to make it clutter free surrounding which feels refreshing. Do not try to cover with too many attachments and equipments as that will make it look crowded and overwhelming for your customers.

2. Display unit:

In a small mobile shop design, it is important to adjust a central display that will draw the customer attention towards your latest products and offers. Use a display board which can adjust with your mobile shop design with eye-catching lights to stand out.

3. Technology:

Mobile shop business is all about technology and hence, in this article about small mobile shop design ideas this will be the next point on which I would like you to put your focus on. For example, you can use mobile phones or tablets for payments to provide your buyers with more flexible payment options, using digital displays for showcasing your products etc.

4. Proper seating arrangement:

Good seating arrangement in small mobile shop business will give customers more time to look around the various items displayed across the shop and hence, can make their purchase decision stronger.

5. Security:

Security of your shop is very important point in small mobile shop design ideas as the products are displayed very close to everyone. Considering this you should choose to set-up security cameras, alarms and sensors in your mobile shop.

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6. Branding:

Small mobile shop design ideas considers branding as one of the most important aspects from sales point of view. Creating a good brand image, Logo, giving good offers, displaying banners etc will help capture the market in less time and customers will sustain for longer periods.

7. Storage:

Storage can be a challenge in small mobile shop business. Hence, in this small mobile shop design ideas article I would like to introduce the concept of customized storage which helps you to overcome this issue. You can contact with any of the good interior makers and ask them to arrange a storage in the form of wall attached drawers and cabinets.

8. Flexible layout for easy access:

The small mobile shop design has to be flexible and easy to access. This can help you to adjust as per your everyday needs and also makes it easier for the customers to walk in.

9. Vertical Space Utilization:

The vertical space on the wall is often ignored which can be utilized to create multiple storage drawers in less space. Therefore, you should think about this point to utilize more in less.

10. Lighting:

Lighting again plays an important role in small mobile shop design ideas as it makes the shop attractive and easy for the customers to locate and differentiate between their choices of product. It makes the surroundings welcoming. You can use a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to highlight the products as well as different areas of shop.

Small Mobile Shop Design Ideas: Best Brands that you should keep in your shop to attract your consumers

Android for Regular use:

Premium brands:

Closure For Good

Small mobile shop design ideas can be endless and make you confused sometimes. On the other hand if you consider this guide, it will make this process a little simpler for you and give you a clear idea of what things to be kept in mind before starting your own profitable business. I would say, do your research on a broader level, visit a few successful mobile shop business owners and get an idea of business flow. If you want to spend, then spend more on marketing your shop and get buyer’s attention.  At the end, I would like to wish you all the best for starting your venture.


Q1. What is the size of mobile shop?

Answer: A small mobile shop requires at least and area of 11 x 16 square feet or 160 square feet so that all the amenities including cameras, lights, air conditioner can be fitted properly..

Q2. How do you decorate a small shop space?

Answer: Use better lights, digital displays, professional banners and some art work to design your mobile shop.

Q3. What are the things in mobile shop?

Answer: They usually consists of range of products which includes, mobiles(android and IOS mostly), tablets and other accessories.

Q4. How can I promote my mobile shop?

Answer: The major promotion of a mobile shop is done through word of mouth and banner ads displayed outside your shop. The location also plays an important role. However, you can also do Local SEO of the shop and create an online presence to attract more audience.

Q5. What are the 8 basic designs for store layout?

Answer: The major small mobile shop design ideas include:

  1. Forced-Path Store Layout
  2. Loop Layout
  3. Grid Layout
  4. Diagonal Layout
  5. Straight Layout
  6. Angular Layout
  7. Mixed Layout
  8. Geometric Layout

Q6. How much profit does mobile shop make?

Answer: A good performing mobile shop business can earn upto 20% of their daily sales.

Q7. How much money needed to start mobile shop?

Answer: You will require approximately 5-6 lakhs to open a small mobile shop design.

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