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The Ins and Outs of Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

The Ins and Outs of Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Affiliate marketing networks typically operate on a cost-per-action (CPA) model, whereby you only pay for services rendered. After a sale or lead is made at a predetermined price, you may choose to pay a bounty to the affiliate network. Once the affiliate network has determined which publishers have generated sales on your behalf, they will pay them a commission less the fee they charge for brokering the agreement. This may sound like a shopping portal, but there are key differences. The consumer and your goods are brought together in one convenient location thanks to the use of a shopping portal. By connecting your products with publishers through affiliate networks (marketing or media companies.) Then, they will employ their own methods, such as pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, banner advertisements, and so on, to drive sales for you.

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Affiliate marketing isn’t appropriate for every business or product, and some networks won’t even consider your offer if you don’t meet their specific requirements. Unfortunately, most websites aren’t “marketing ready” for an affiliate marketing campaign, necessitating either a complete redesign or a completely separate site in order to facilitate simple sales or lead conversions.

As long as you are not trying to collect too much information from your customers, or information that makes them feel uneasy, like a social security number, most sales lead generation campaigns work across affiliate marketing networks. To boost product sales, you should provide a tempting offer, such as “free services for one month” or “a free seven-day trial for a diet pill.” For example, advertising a 42-inch plasma TV for $1,597 won’t work. There are always going to be outliers, though, so it’s important to communicate closely with your affiliate manager to develop a campaign that will resonate with the publishers.

Affiliate networks are risky and unpredictable in nature, so it’s not advisable for a business to invest in them unless they have extensive experience with online marketing. Affiliate network marketing has the potential for massive overall sales, but with such large numbers always come equally large risks. There are “Super Affiliates” in many affiliate networks, and they can make affiliates hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly sales commissions. The risk arises from the affiliate network’s potency in advertising and the performance-based nature of its business model.

The publishers who operate the affiliate networks are notoriously avaricious. As a result, they’re only peddling their most money-making wares and services. They have every right to do so, as their compensation is based on their performance and they bear all marketing risks. Many publishers will promote the product and sales will flood in if a lucrative offer appears on an affiliate network. If publishers don’t make a good, or at least acceptable, profit from a new product, they won’t promote it, and sales will be incredibly low. Striking a middle ground that pleases everyone can be challenging (advertiser, publisher, affiliate network, and potential customer.) A prosperous affiliate campaign requires the satisfaction of all involved. The difference between a successful campaign and a poorly received one can be dramatic. There are three types of risk associated with this volatility.

Affiliate Network Marketing Risk:

(1) There is not enough demand You’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing an Affiliate marketing strategy. You’ve invested heavily in marketing and advertising, with a new brand identity, website, and increased sales force. The publishers are not interested in promoting your campaign despite all of their preparations because your offer does not generate revenue for them. Your spending went up in anticipation of a rise in sales that never came.
Too much activity.
(2) You made an excellent point… The publishing industry is raving about your offer. The amount of interest and orders is beyond your capacity. 50 new leads per day is all your call centre can handle, but the publishers are generating 200. No matter how you follow up on a lead or close a sale, you’ll have to pay a commission. There is simply too much demand for your services, and your resources cannot keep up.
(3) Your sales and leads are suspect because you didn’t bother verifying them. Your affiliate marketing effort is producing many potential customers, but no actual purchases. Numerous people who “only signed up for the free gift” provide you with disconnected phone numbers, invalid credit card information, or similar excuses. There is an influx of leads, but some shady publishers are trying to scam the system by submitting false information in order to be compensated for the real thing. This last lead was particularly peculiar, with a Texas area code, a zip code of “12345,” an Alaskan address, and a credit card number of “4444555544445555.”
Likewise, many affiliate marketing networks will inquire as to whether or not they can handle your campaign solely. In other words, no other affiliate network can deliver your offer to as many customers as they can. Choosing to focus on just one network for your entire campaign can have both positive and negative effects.

Exclusive Affiliate network Campaign Advantages:

If you hire an affiliate marketing campaign manager. They may distribute your campaign to other affiliate marketing networks and take care of your account for you. Because of this, you won’t have to spend as much time as usual on tasks like finding new networks, setting up campaign launches, and promoting creative.
Your affiliate manager will distribute your campaign to various affiliate marketing networks without requiring you to pay any initial fees or sign any contracts. You and your affiliate manager have a single agreement under which you both work. In addition to saving you time, this can save you thousands of dollars in initial expenses.
Affiliate marketing networks often give preference to their own exclusive campaigns as a way to “brag.” There is a higher possibility that publishers will promote your campaign and pay close attention to it. The publisher will take notice of your campaign and you will see an uptick in sales or lead generation as a result.

Exclusive Affiliate network Disadvantages:

To maximise the effectiveness of your campaign, your manager will distribute it to various affiliate marketing networks. Since you don’t know who is advertising your deal. You have no idea how qualified the visitors to your website will be.
It’s possible that your affiliate manager is less driven than you are. Since this is an exclusive offer, it is not possible to share your campaign with other affiliate marketing networks. This could stifle development.
Using an external affiliate network to manage your campaign means the publishers involved will receive a lower payout (sales commission). If you’re involved in affiliate marketing, you’re effectively managing two separate networks. Your own and one that you outsource to third parties. As more people dip into the pot, less of the pie is left for the publishers. The affiliate marketing networks you outsource won’t be as effective as if you worked with them directly. Because of the lower publisher bounty.
Email marketing is something that the majority of affiliate networks will want to be a part of your campaign. This is highly suggested as it may result in significantly more sales or leads. If you choose to allow email marketing for your campaign. You’ll need the means to manage a list of recipients who have opted out of receiving further emails from you. People whose preference is to not receive your offer can be added to a “suppression list,” which is a list of email addresses.

Your email marketing creative needs to include a “unsubscribe” button so that recipients can decline your offer if they so choose. You’ll need to give your affiliate network the suppression file so they can distribute it to their publisher partners. This is require by the Can-Spam Act and can be easily handle with a small opt-out landing page link to a straightforward database. Provide the affiliate networks with a new suppression file on a weekly basis at the very least.

Launching affiliate marketing campaigns that convert:

Ideally, you’d like to devise a campaign that is profitable for both you and your publisher. Remember that if you can remarket to your customers and generate additional sales, upgrades, etc., then the campaign was successful.
The success of your campaign depends on how well you plan it. Reduce the number of clicks a customer has to make to make a purchase. Or place a lead generation form prominently on your home page. Don’t pry for details that you don’t need, or that people won’t voluntarily provide (like an SSN.) If your current website isn’t optimise for affiliate marketing, you may need to create a new one for the campaign.
When using an affiliate network, you are competing with all of the campaigns, not just those selling similar products. Those who publish content evaluate the effectiveness of the deals they promote and eliminate the underachieving ones. Your affiliate manager should be able to assist you in crafting a deal that will appeal to both. Your target audience and your publisher partners.

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Complete the required steps to enable the publishers to email market your campaign. In other words, you’ll need to make email marketing content that complies with Can-Spam regulations. Set up an opt-out page that connects to a database, and make an up-to-date suppression file available (a text dump of your database suppression file.) The success of your campaign can be greatly increase by using email marketing.
Create a wide range of marketing collateral, including many banners of a standard size, several email designs, several email headings and subject lines, several text links, and so on. A list of necessary media formats and dimensions will be provide to you by your affiliate manager. However, you should aim to supply more than just what is request.
Keep an eye out for lead fraud and poor quality. Someone will always try to get false information past your validation procedures, no matter how sophisticated they become. Ensure that the subIDs pass along the affiliate network can be use to attribute leads to their original sources.
Always submit a test after making any changes to your website to make sure your affiliate campaign is still functioning properly. Your company may be ask to compensate publishers for lost revenue. If a bug on your site prevents sales conversions or causes tracking issues. It’s important to keep in mind that the many businesse that took a chance on you will be negatively impact by your broken website. Expect either a flood of leads or to hear nothing at all.
Affiliate network marketing is fraught with numerous and serious dangers. You need to be ready to think strategically and act swiftly if things take a negative turn. The financial payoff, however, can be enormous if you come prepared and design an offer that the publishers love.

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