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The Most Powerful Game Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

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ice staff code

Using the ice staff code is one of the best ways to get a lot of kills. It has a simple frosty burst that spreads to multiple enemies. It also has a long kill time.

It’s not the most powerful game weapon, but it does the trick. If you’re a noob, you may have a chance at getting it, because the parts are simple to obtain and not too hard to put together.

The ice staff code is the best way to freeze zombies in place. It will also immobilize them for a short period of time. Aside from that, it’s the best way to take out a bunch of zombies at once. The most important thing to remember is to use it near zombies. Once enough zombies are killed, the staff will take full effect.

P-06: 1818 RPM

Among the slew of new guns to choose from in Black Ops 3, the P-06 is an excellent choice for a sniper. This bullpup rifle fires a three round burst and has a short charge time. It also features an electronic scope, which helps with accuracy. It is a very powerful sniper weapon and can get you a one shot kill to the head.

The P-06’s sonic-detonating burst is no slouch, but its handling can be a little unresponsive. Its three round burst can only be fired after holding the trigger down for about 700 milliseconds, making it difficult to hit moving targets. The P-06 is a fairly clunky weapon, so if you’re going to use it, you may want to invest in a good ole’ suppressor.

Vesper: 1200 RPM

Among the powerful game weapons in Black Ops 3 is Vesper. This futuristic weapon is based on the Jian She Type-05 and is effective in close quarters. The weapon is also capable of reviving players.

It is also capable of zapping zombies and knocking them back. The ammo can be upgraded and increased for better results. This is an ideal weapon to use when you are trying to kill large groups of zombies.

Another weapon in the game is the “RK5”. This is a three-round burst pistol. It is chambered in 5.58x33mm. It is a good weapon to make points with as it has a high rate of fire. It is also available in the Zombies Chronicles DLC.

Another very powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 is the “Wunderwaffe.” This is a grenade launcher that uses electricity to kill multiple zombies in one shot. The ammo can be upgraded to increase its power and capacity.

48 Dredge: 1090 RPM

Originally, the 48 Dredge was designed as a seven round burst machine gun. It has an impressive rate of fire and is known for its ability to fire six rounds in a single burst. It is also a great weapon for close quarters combat. However, its accuracy isn’t very good. It is also relatively slow and reloads slowly. This makes it a poor choice for Hardcore game modes.

The 48 Dredge is a very forgiving LMG in close quarters. Its large magazine and burst fire design make it a great weapon to use against a large group of zombies. It also has great penetration power. This makes it a great weapon to suppress in the core game modes.

While the 48 Dredge is a great LMG, it’s not as effective as other LMGs. Its low damage per bullet makes it a poor choice for shooting through objects. It has a high rate of fire, but its kick isn’t very good.

M8A7: 1000 RPM

Among the many assault rifles in Black Ops 3, M8A7: 1000 RPM is the most powerful and most accurate. In the early beta, M8 was an auto-burst weapon. However, in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 beta, the recoil increased, making it much less effective. The gun can be adapted for more rapid fire by purchasing the Rapid Fire attachment. This will increase the burst rate to 1111 RPM. This makes the gun more deadly.

Another advantage of M8A7 is its ability to kill through walls. This is known as “wallbanging”. In the game, M8 can penetrate through metal and wood at close to medium range. This means that it’s a good option for wallbuying on most maps. If you’re looking for a longer engagement, however, you’ll probably want to use a different weapon.

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