The Top 5 Advantages of SharePoint Online

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# 1 – Managing external user access is much easier

In an on premise SharePoint environment, there is no out of the box method to share SharePoint content with users outside the domain. You could extend the content Web Application, configure Forms Authentication and then have your developer set up an ASP.NET page to manage credentials for the Forms Web Application. Alternatively, you could provision domain users for those external entities. Perhaps you decide to create a new, external facing Web Application, and sync certain content from the internal Web Application. Regardless of the method you choose, it is going to require a decent amount of human effort to set up and maintain with SharePoint Design.

As an IT Director, you should still establish polices regarding external sharing, what data types or content areas are allowed to be shared externally, and who should audit external permissions. With effective policies in place, it’s simply a matter of enabling external access, and that’s it.

#2 – Kill off that network share with OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is simple cloud storage for your employees. Everyone who has use rights to a Personal Site (formerly known as My Sites) have access to OneDrive for Business, with a one TB personal storage quota. Even better, each users OneDrive storage quota does not count against your overall SharePoint Online storage quota.

OneDrive for Business gives employees a personal site, where they can sync and share documents, collaborate on documents with individuals inside and outside the organizations, and access their content from a multitude of devices. OneDrive for Business integrates with Office products, and also can be synced into Windows Explorer for a familiar experience. Your SharePoint Admins can assume control of a user’s OneDrive, should a user leave the organization and important documents need to be retained from their OneDrive.

If you are an IT Director with a network share for your users, and you are looking to retire that pesky network share, OneDrive for Business could be your solution! How to Buy Oxycodone Online

#3 – Get New SharePoint Features and Updates First! – Choose to be on the bleeding edge or more stable

In the past, Microsoft has released a version of SharePoint every 4-5 years, bringing to the market big chunks of new features and functionality. With SharePoint Online and Office 365, which use a rolling release model, the “big chunk” approach has been tossed out the window. Rolling releases means new versions, improvements, and features are continually released to SharePoint Online customers on a regular basis, free of charge without the need for installation or application.

From personal experience with our SharePoint Online environment, Microsoft has done a great job of communicating via the Office 365 Admin portal when updates are scheduled, and we’ve experienced no significant issues from any updates. Essentially, going forward, new SharePoint features and functions are released for SharePoint Online first, then available to apply to on-premise environments at some point in the future. If you are curious to see what new features are in the pipeline, Microsoft recently published the Office 365 Roadmap , a living document which changes frequently, which gives you an idea on what’s coming down the road. You can also choose to enable “Preview Features”, which gets you early access to new features that have limited support, allowing you to be on the bleeding edge of SharePoint.

#4 – You can access SharePoint Online anywhere

With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, your users are no longer tied down to a single device, or a single network. Imagine a world where you can access your e-mail, documents, contacts, and intranet, from any browser on any device on any internet connection.

Need to work from home, but forgot to take your work laptop home? Not a problem, just log onto Outlook Web Access to retrieve your e-mails, or SharePoint Online to grab important documents before your Skype for Business meeting. Maybe you’re going on the road, and only going to have intermittent internet access? Just sync content to Windows Explorer from SharePoint Online, and whatever changes you’ve made while offline will upload back to SharePoint Online once you’ve reconnected to the internet. With SharePoint Online and Office 365, the world is your workspace!

#5 – You can easily scale your farm up and down

In Office 365, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. The month-to-month subscription model allows you to add and remove users at-will, so you won’t have to worry about dead licenses leeching the life out of the IT budget.* Provisioning a new user on Office 365 is very easy, just a few clicks in the Admin Portal to create a new user or assign new licenses. If that user leaves the company, you can reassign the license, or simply remove it. The same scalability applies on the data storage side of Office 365, where you only pay for the storage you need, when you need it, and can easily purchase more storage with a few clicks. No more pricing out new servers to scale out the farm, or buying new hard drives to increase your storage space.

*NOTE: Starting March 1st, 2022, Microsoft will enforce annual license subscriptions, though the monthly subscription plan will still be available for a 20% premium of the annual license cost. Seat-based subscription for licenses may be added at any time, but licenses may only be reduced within a 72-hour window at your subscription start date and renewal date to avoid the 20% price increase.

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