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‘Tips’ so that the mobile phone is not a couple problem

The smartphone has been our great ally for years for almost everything, but it is also important not to abuse its use. Here are some tips to prevent being ‘too’ communicated from being a problem, especially if you live with a partner.

How many hours a day do we spend consulting the mobile? In these moments that we are living, with the confinement at home of millions of people to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, the hours with the telephone have increased considerably. Whether it is to check the news, check our social networks, talk with our family and friends or entertain ourselves, we are hooked on this device much of the time.

We know very well that this is not healthy, nor positive for our closest environment, and especially for relationships. Abusive and irresponsible use of the mobile phone can trigger coexistence problems and constant discussions.There is a term that defines the use and abuse of mobile phones: phubbing . This is a communication problem that arises, for example, in a couple, because one of the two is too ‘hooked’ on the mobile phone. This English word comes from the combination of phone (telephone) and snubbing (ignore). A phubber is a person who cannot go more than a few minutes without checking the phone. When doing so he thinks that he is very connected, and in reality the opposite is true. And it can end up becoming a lack of respect and interest towards another person.

Without falling into these extremes, here we leave. IPHONE 12 Mini  some basic and highly recommended tips , so that the mobile does not end up being a couple problem . Applicable both in difficult times of confinement and the current ones, as well as for when everything returns to its normal course and we recover that normality that we miss so much.

Respect your partner’s privacy
A fundamental advice and the most important of all. It is key to never exceed the limits of intimacy and privacy of your partner . You should never control their messages, or their calls, or awkwardly ask who needs their attention on the phone. Trust is one of the pillars of relationships. If there isn’t, or it’s not enough, something is wrong.

If the mobile helps you, let it help you both
How important it is to laugh watching memes , videos on YouTube, exercise with streaming classes and share moments with family or a group of friends through video calls or simple WhatsApp conversations. If all this helps you in your day to day, share this with your partner and make it a joint therapy. It is also important to reserve some time for yourself, in which to enjoy hobbies and friends, but it is advisable to organize a mobile phone or tablet session for both of you .For example: have breakfast and check the news of the day or your favorite online store. Outside of those hours, don’t check the posts forty more times. Surely nothing new has happened, nor is there a real need to do so. Instead, your partner will need your time and attention.

Try to leave work topics closed at the end of your working hours, or at least not be obsessed with the fact that they can answer you after hours. Put the phone on silent and enjoy the company. The world can wait until the next day.

One hour off
If the above works more or less, how about finding a daily time to totally disconnect from the mobile? At the end of the day, to watch a series or a movie or have a quiet dinner while you talk to your partner about the weather or what is happening in the world. You don’t have to turn it off; you can put it on silent and leave it in another room.

Do not take your mobile everywhere
Sitting down for lunch or dinner at the table with your smartphone next to you, unless you are expecting an urgent and important call or message, it is not necessary. What’s more, it is quite annoying for the other person and it is a habit to change.

Nor is it very beneficial to take it to bed to take a last look before going to sleep, out of simple curiosity to know what is happening on social networks or what is being talked about in that WhatsApp group. In addition, there are medical warnings thatOne of the most common problems that we can find on our mobile is that the message “Mobile without service” appears, which means that there is some kind of problem with our network connection that is preventing us from making calls or connecting to the network . from Internet. This problem can be very frustrating if we don’t know the causes, although the solution may be easier than it seems.

The origin of this message can be very diverse, since it can be a problem directly related to our operator , it can also be related to the coverage , the SIM card , or even our own mobile and network configuration. On other occasions we have seen what we should do if we forget the SIM PIN or how to know if our mobile is bugged . Today, we are going to deal with these different causes to find the solution to the “Mobile no service” message problem .

Many recent studies have tried to measure the consequences that excessive use of telephones can have, and most of them place special emphasis on early prevention, since it has been shown that children and adolescents are more prone to negative psychological effects .

The phone itself is not the problem, but the use that is made of it and all the content it stores. It could be said that the life of our adolescent sons and daughters is found in them: their entire social life, the contact details of their friends, their favorite applications, Internet access and virtual games,… . If, by removing all that from their life, because for some reason they have to go without their Smartphone for a while, we observe that they become depressed and have anxious and even violent behaviors, we can conclude that they have really generated an addiction and that they are going through a state of withdrawal. , similar to that produced by drugs for example.

The constant use of a device that does everything for them also has other types of negative consequences directly on the white matter of the brain, numbing the brain activity involved in creativity and problem solving, making them dependent on a device.

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