Top Christmas YouTube Video Ideas you must follow in 2022

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Not best is Christmas the most excellent time of the 12 months, but it’s also a fantastic time to grow a YouTube channel. By developing Christmas-themed films, you may help get your channel observed using more incredible human beings via November and December. If you don’t get boost on your videos then buy youtube views. But what need to you make movies approximately? Here are a few Christmas YouTube video ideas to don’t forget!

There are many Christmas-themed YouTube video thoughts channels of every type that can use to create motion pictures. The key while developing movies with a Christmas subject matter is to make sure they resonate together with your target market. If you generate gaming films, chances are your audience received’t revel in a cooking video, even if it’s associated with Christmas.

As you leaf through these video thoughts, understand that you may place a Christmas spin on nearly every sort of video. Your aim should be to capitalize on the season and attract a brand-new target market. Christmas-themed motion pictures resonate with many people in November and December, which may cause greater exposure on your movies and channel.

Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube

Many Christmas video thoughts for YouTube have been created over time. Some ideas have been a success, while others have now not. It’s essential to consider that each area of interest and target market is specific. Some thoughts might be acquired undoubtedly, and others won’t. You must decide which video thoughts will work for your target market and which ideas will not.

House Decorating

Who doesn’t like seeing houses decorated with lighting and adorned around Christmas? Homes may be converted from dull, darkish buildings to brilliant, cheery facilities. House transformations are widespread at all times of the yr, but particularly at Christmas. So, why not take benefit of this and decorate your property?

Something to don’t forget is that at the same time as many human beings revel in seeing the exterior of homes adorned, seeing residence interiors get embellished is also exciting. Since that is the case, you can create a house adorning collection leading as much as the massive day, wherein you enhance multiple rooms internal of your home, and then a finale where you show your whole house.

Tree Decorating

One of the first-class parts of Christmas is putting up a tree and decorating it with lighting and ornaments. Every tree is a distinct shape and size, and they’re all decorated differently as nicely. Since that is the case, there’s a significant hazard that many humans might be interested in seeing how you beautify your tree.

You can gift the adorning of your tree in many distinctive approaches. Some creators experience filming a timelapse so visitors can see the rapid transformation in their tree. On the turn side, some creators share slowly filming the method and speaking along the way, where they were given exclusive adorns and decorations. The manner you present your tree is up to you!

Tree Hunting

Not only do people experience seeing timber get embellished, but they also enjoy seeing the tree-searching process. Let’s face it- a few timbers are better than others, depending on the situation. Due to this, the tree-searching system can end up pretty interesting when a specific sort of tree is most likely needed or when humans need a particular type of tree.

Ideally, a tree-searching video must take visitors thru the whole experience. Visitors must look at the stories before, during the course, and after. Do not simply film a quick video clip showing the aftermath of your tree-looking efforts- display the whole system so visitors can come along for the revel.

Gift Shopping

Giving presents and getting items are extraordinary. However, before gifts ever change hands, a whole method may occur- present buying. Gift-purchasing films have become quite famous overtime on YouTube, and there is a diffusion of various ways to be filmed and provided to viewers.

Nowadays, many humans experience together an “undertaking” element in their gift-purchasing films. For instance, a hard and fast price range or guidelines for the stores that may be shopped. With this said, simply taking viewers via the present buying method could make for an outstanding viewing enjoyment- now, not the whole thing desires to be an opposition.


Chances are, you know someone that enjoys cooking around Christmas time. Often, humans cook dinner matters that they wouldn’t usually cook for the duration of the yr at Christmas time, together with desserts. As you may think, the Christmas season is an excellent time with a purpose to create cooking films, as you can make quite extravagant dishes.

There are plenty of examples of YouTube channels that upload cooking videos- in particular, in November and December. A mistake many creators make isn’t capitalizing enough on the high interest in cooking content during this time of year. Try planning video ideas ahead of time so that you can create a constant go-with-the-flow of films at some point in November and December.

Present Opening

Let’s face it- one of the significant reasons we stay up for Christmas is due to affords. Not simplest do we look ahead to getting affords, but we revel in watching different human beings open their presents, whether or not they are from other humans or us. Knowing this, it’s safe to assume that humans watch YouTube videos in which people open offers nicely.

Now, this might no longer give you the results you want if you prefer to have a personal Christmas morning. However, in case you do now not need to capture video footage on Christmas morning, you could constantly report a mini present opening video before the twenty-fifth of December. Many people open a Christmas gift early on the 24th, so this might be an option for you as nicely.

Gift Recommendations

A lot of human beings conflict to locate gifts to shop for people. Often, they turn out to be going online and gaining knowledge of present thoughts. Depending on the sort of channel you personalize and your audience, this might be a fantastic opportunity so that you can make a few current recommendations in the form of a few YouTube videos.

Human beings search for product opinions at all times of the yr. However, Christmas offers a unique possibility to take gain of seasonality. Instead of creating character product review motion pictures, you can make Christmas gift publications for your audience. Just don’t forget, humans begin shopping for presents in November, so plan!


Challenge films are a number of the most popular videos on YouTube. Combine this truth with the expanded interest in Christmas-associated topics in November and December, and you have a recipe that may be observed for success. No, be counted on what sort of movies you create. Chances are there’s a Christmas-themed undertaking video that you may make.

Remember, task films don’t need to be wildly extravagant. Challenge movies are attractive because of the project element, not the actions being accomplished. Don’t think that you need to spend a considerable sum of money to prepare an excellent undertaking video. Just be creative and create a relevant piece of content for your audience!

Question and Answer (Q&A)

Question-and-answer movies are popular on YouTube. However, question and solution motion pictures with a particular subject tend to perform thoroughly in place of Q&A films and not use a theme. Due to the reality that you’re looking for YouTube video ideas for Christmas, it’s essential to apprehend that there are Christmas-themed Q&A films.

Q&A videos with a Christmas subject tend to contain questions associated with Christmas. Examples of those questions may be observed throughout YouTube and the internet. Even if you don’t have a target audience to ask you questions directly, there are plenty of resources you can view that could give you a few questions to answer in a video.


Hopefully, you’ve got a few positive Christmas memories. If you do, why no longer share them with human beings in the form of a YouTube video? People revel in hearing approximately different humans’ Christmas stories, whether or not they’re happy, humorous, or unhappy reviews. After all, a lesson may be learned from nearly every level!

Ideally, your tale ought to resonate together with your target market. For example, if you are a technology channel, you may tell the story of how you got your first laptop for Christmas when you were 14 years old. Stories that your target market can resonate with will cause a good response from viewers.


As a YouTube content creator, it’s in your best interest to put your channel to be as a success as viable. An exquisite way to do that is to leverage events like Christmas. Use those Christmas YouTube video ideas and begin to create films that your target market will enjoy so that you can capitalize on a festive and particular time of year!

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