Top Indian Food Bloggers & 21 Best Indian Food Blogs

Are you looking to enter a part or full time blogging career? Did you know that you can learn this from Top Indian Food Bloggers and create your passion of cooking or just exploring different meals into a full time career?

Starting a successful blog takes time but you can achieve success in this area if you have passion and consistency towards food.

If the above line sounds interesting to you than lets see how you can turn your passion into money and learn food blogging from these top Indian food bloggers and Best Indian Food Blogs.

What is a Food Blogging?

Before we dive further, lets understand what is food blogging. A food blog is a feature that enables a person to write articles about food recipes, it also includes food photography, restaurant reviews, travelling and exploring different types of cuisines around the world. There is not anything like right or wrong as it is based on the opinion of a person who is writing the blog. Top Indian food bloggers are doing it and hence, you can do it too.

Who is a Food Blogger?

A food blogger is a person who writes about different food items on their website, it can also include food photography, restaurant review and so on. You can start a food blog with whatever knowledge you have on cooking and create a beautiful article on it.

Top Indian food bloggers have done this and you will soon get an idea once you go through their profile below.

Types of Food Blogging

1. Recipes: You can start a recipes blog by writing about various different recipes you know. It can fetch you more audience if you write about your local recipes and also try experimenting on some to give a new taste and content to your readers.

2. Food/restaurant review: Food and restaurant review blog includes reviewing various restaurants in your area and outside on the basis of their taste, prices, location and services. It gives you an opportunity to explore different restaurants, taste their menu and finally write your review on it.

It educates your audience about the presence of different types of restaurants and helps the restaurants to advertise through your blog. You can charge the restaurant if your blog has a good traffic and can add value to their sales and marketing.

3. Food and travel: This is one of the appealing profession as it involves travelling and exploring various cultures and their food. These type of Indian food bloggers travel throughout the globe to discover various flavors and people and finally write about it.

4. Food photography: This type of blogging is usually image based. The top Indian food bloggers in this area post visually appealing photos to attract their audience.

How to become one of the Top Indian food Bloggers?

  • Purchase a domain name for your blog
  • Find a good web hosting: You can choose from various Web Hosting. One of the good ones is Hostinger.
  • Install WordPress
  • Start Blogging!

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Top Indian Food Bloggers – Learn from the Experts!

1. Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu is a food and drink industry commentator, food entrepreneur, cookbook author and communication consultant to food, drink and destinations.

2. Monica Spice diary

Monica is a chef, food presenter and founder of The Spice Club. She has been teaching cookery for 10 years after finding The Spice Diary.

3. Nandita Saffron

Nandita was working as a strategy planner. She had a passion of writing and cooking and together that showed up in her blog.

4. Chitra’s Food Book

Chitra Sendhil is the writer and photographer of Chitra’s Food Book. She is from Tamil Nadu and currently staying at Bangalore. The love of her mom’s Nellai style/Tirunelveli recipes and tanjore/kumbakonam recipes will be seen in her blog.

5. Sailu’s Food by Sailu

Sailaja Gudivada is a mother of 17 year old and the writer of Sailu’s Food. She is from Vishakhapatnam and writes mostly about delicious andhra recipes in her blog.

6. NishaMadhulika

Nisha Madhulika is a chef and a restaurant consultant. She is also one of the most successful Youtuber and Top Indian Food bloggers. Her blog is started in 2011 and mostly blogs on vegetarian recipes.

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7. Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi

Archana is one of the top Indian food bloggers and is the founder of Archana’s Kitchen. the interesting thing about her website was that she started this website in 2007 to keep a track of her family’s recipes but no-one expected it to grow as such over the time.

8.Dassana’s Veg Recipes by Dassana Amit

Dassana is an Indian food blogger who owns one of the best Indian food blog named Dassana’s Veg Recipes. It is famous for pure veg recipes which also includes eggless baking.

9. Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal is one of the Top Indian food bloggers who shares her delicious recipes on her food website. She went onto a journey from a normal cook to brand after the success of her cookery classes.

She is born in Pune and moved to Bombay after her marriage. People inspire to become like one of these successful chefs.

10. Manjula Jain

Manjula Jain was born in North India to a vegetarian family and her excellent cooking skills came by helping her mom in the kitchen.

11. Edible garden by Nags

Nags is a cook and author of Edible Garden since 2007. her cooking is mostly based on fast and lazy cooking.


Sangeeta is the writer of Heath Food Desi Videshi. Her blog is mostly on green lifestyle and focuses on healthy living.

13. Aayi’s Recipes

In this blog a Konkani author is writing about Aayi’s (mother) recipes. She is also one of the top Indian food bloggers and an inspiration to food lovers who want to convert their passion into career.

14. Foodomania by Kavitha Ramaswamy

Foodomania can be very aspiring food blogs for people who are vegan. The author of this website is Kavitha Ramaswamy and she writes on cuisines throughout the world.

15. Masterchefmom by Uma Raghuraman

Masterchefmom is a food blog which belongs to one of the top Indian food bloggers Uma Raghuraman. She is a passionate chef who is also a multi award winner and a mother of two.

16. Passionate about baking by Deeba Rajpal

As the blog name suggests, chef Deeba Rajbal is passionate about cooking and hence, the author of this blog. Her articles is all about baking as she has been doing this 15 years and yet counting.

17. Padhu’s Kitchen by Padhu Sankar

Padhu is the author, web designer, cook and photographer of Padhu’s kitchen. She writes about simple and healthy Indian veg recipes.

18. Divine Taste by Anushruthi

Anushruthi is the author of DivineTaste. She is a food presenter and writer, recipe discoverer, health and well being consultant and also a photographer. She is an inspiration to the immerging food bloggers to become one of the top Indian food bloggers.

19. Vegan Richa

Richa writes about healthy plant based vegan recipes. She got her cooking inspiration from her Indian upbringings and hence, puts her experience in her blogs.

20. Sharmis Passion

The owner and author of this website hails from Tamil Nadu, India and she is also inspired for cooking by her mother and created this beautiful website to inspire others.

21. Ministry of curry

Ministry of curry is a food blog that provides fun and simple food recipes. The objective of this website is to provide fail proof recipes to make Indian cooking more exiting.


The main takeaway of this article is to inspire those home cooks, travelers, photographers and foodies who can create a whole career out of their interests and inspire others too. My advice to you would be to read the whole article and checkout the blogs of these Top Indian Food Bloggers. See and get idea on how they have created a history on food blogging and then start your food blogging journey with all the research and ideas.


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