Transport and Distribution Logistics: Importance Functions and Types


Transport logistics

Transport logistics has always been a crucial factor for the operation of businesses that transport goods . However, in the context of the new normality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transport and distribution logistics have gained much more strength and have become a differentiating element among companies that try at all costs to satisfy the most to your customers.

In this sense, transportation and distribution logistics is no longer just about moving products from one place to another. A strategic process that seeks to reduce logistics costs for the company and increase satisfaction for buyers.

Therefore understanding the role and importance of transport logistics are key to being able to optimize it and thus turn it into a competitive advantage to better position itself in the market and overcome any contingency.

Importance of transport logistics

The greatest importance of transport logistics lies in the fact that it is a process that determines the efficiency of the company. This is because logistics transport is what ensures that the merchandise reaches the consumer at the right place and time.

In this way, the success of the company is in the hands of logistics transport , because this is what makes the merchandise go through all the stages of the supply chain, even up to the stage of last-mile deliveries.

Transportation logistics

In the case of last-mile ground transportation logistics , if deliveries are made at the wrong time or the proper conditions for the product are not ensured, customers will be dissatisfied. Consequently, the image and reputation of the brand will be affected. Has it not happened to you that you have ordered a product from a store and it has taken longer than necessary to arrive? Do you remember the probably negative feeling you had about it?

Therefore, the priority in the operation of transport and distribution logistics must always be that the customer experience is satisfactory. In this way, the company manages to gain the trust and loyalty of the consumer. Otherwise, the company will have to invest greater efforts and costs to continuously acquire temporary clients, which will not be profitable at all.

Transport and distribution logistics functions

In general terms, the functions of transport logistics in a company are:

Mobilize the merchandise throughout the supply chain.
Deliver the product to the end customer.
Protect the state of the merchandise during its transfer.

Meet delivery times.

Promote consumer satisfaction and confidence through an optimal logistics transport service .
In this scenario, transport logistics in a company becomes a means for it to ensure the loyalty and recurrence of its consumers, because depending on how the service is managed, the final consumer experience will be satisfactory or not.

Thus, fulfilling the different functions of transport logistics with excellence is important not only to make the customer remain loyal to the brand, but also to encourage the arrival of new buyers.

Types of transport and distribution logistics

There are different types of logistics transport for the distribution of goods . Choosing between one and the other is something that depends on the points between which the products have to be transported , as well as the distances, the types of merchandise, the capabilities of the company and the needs of the clients.

That said, the main types of transport logistics are:

Air transport logistics: it is the most expensive, since it is the fastest and most efficient logistics transport for long distances.
Land transport logistics: In this type of distribution logistics are rail transport and road transport .
Rail transport logistics: this means of land transport depends on others to comply with the logistics distribution chain, since it has very strict and unchangeable transit routes. However, it is the most suitable logistics transport for long distances by land.

Road transport logistics: it is the most flexible of all, and can be carried out by different vehicles: trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

How to optimize land transport logistics?

In the case of land transport logistics for the distribution of goods, it is a process that can be optimized through correct route planning, real-time monitoring of transport units, and direct communication with carriers. and clients, among other tasks. All of this, together, allows the company to save on transportation costs , reduce failed deliveries, maximize productivity and boost profitability.

To achieve this, it is necessary to use digital tools specialized in logistics. For example, Planner Pro by Bee track is a program that digitizes route planning for last-mile deliveries, allowing you to analyze traffic levels and other obstacles that could affect ground transportation logistics .

On the other hand, there is also the CNShip4Shop this tool helps you to track in real time all the vehicles of the transport fleet through the GPS of the cell phones of the carriers. This means that you should not invest in buying GPS devices for your fleet to monitor distribution logistics during its execution.

In this way, technologies such as those of CNShip4Shop make the company’s transport and distribution logistics a strength, thus guaranteeing the provision of a very effective and efficient delivery service.

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