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What are Kraft Paper Bags with Handles | A Comprehensive Guide

kraft paper bags

Consumers are increasingly supporting eco-conscious companies and goods as a result of the population’s increased knowledge of environmental challenges. The vast array of new terminology and goods that have gained popularity over the years owing to their environmentally friendly design might easily overwhelm a business owner. 

Continue reading if you’re afraid to implement eco-friendly procedures in your company. In order for you to fully comprehend how kraft paper bags with handles are formed and what features make them more environmentally friendly. Also, know the types of handles used that make the bags look appealing. 

Making of Kraft Paper

The Kraft process, like other paper production techniques, includes chemically converting wood into wood pulp in order to create Kraft paper goods. Lignin & cellulose are the building blocks of wood. Lignin must be separated from cellulose due to it not forming good paper. 

For this, sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide are combined to create a “white liquor” that is used for cooking wood chips. They separate the cellulose and lignin, resulting in solid wood pulp and a “black liquor.” Now that the wood chips have been reduced to a pulp, any larger particles are screened out. After being rinsed, the pulp can be shaped into several types of paper goods.

Why Kraft Paper Is Superior to Ordinary Paper

So how does the kraft process stack up against other paper manufacturing processes? Due to its low lignin concentration and high sulfur ratio, kraft paper is, first and foremost, stronger. 

Additionally, custom kraft paper bags don’t involve a lot of bleaching, which lowers the strength a bit and also slightly raises production costs. 

In terms of Packaging 

Kraft paper packaging has some advantages:

  •  Using kraft wrapping paper reduces shipping expenses because it doesn’t significantly increase the weight of the box. 
  • Its toughness, flexibility, and coarse texture offer a better defense.

In terms of Reputation

  • Create eco-friendly business cards with Kraft paper.
  •  The organic appearance gives business cards a clean, timeless appearance. 
  •  Prospective customers will respect your commitment to environmental preservation and think highly of you because of it.  
  • The distinctive appearance of your cards will draw attention.

Types of Handles

There is a wide variety of paper bag handles available. For paper bags, handles can be made from a wide variety of materials.

➤Ribbons have a glossy appearance, are silky and opulent, and are also fairly durable. Ribbon handles are available in a variety of colors and go well with practically all bag designs. For bags containing hefty items, ribbons are not the best option. However, ribbon handles are a great option for smaller and lighter goods, particularly when the bag’s appearance and feel are more crucial.

➤Similar to ribbon handles, cotton handles provide an elegant appearance. Cotton ropes, however, are much stronger than ribbons. Additionally, when carrying bigger weights, thicker cotton ropes are more comfortable to handle.

➤The most affordable choice is folded paper. Simple paper handles that have been folded provide excellent handles for tiny bags and light weights. Additionally, the folded paper makes recycling simpler. It looks wonderful with brown kraft paper bags.

➤Handles made of twisted paper produced by machines are sturdy and strong. They don’t feel as opulent, but they can withstand a lot of pressure. Additionally, producers may produce them quite quickly.

You can now make the best use of kraft paper bags and push the sales.

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