What Are Safety Mats and Why Are They Important?

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There is a priority element to maintain security in industrial environments where it is not feasible to reduce the danger by hindering contact with it through security enclosures or screens. It is an alternative system that supervises and acts in the event of possible accidents.

This monitoring element is called a safety mat or mats. It is used to protect people in machines and industrial plants where the operator must be present while the machine is interacting. These mats are installed to cover the danger zone where a person could have an accident just by standing in that spot.

That is why they are regularly found in use along the passageways. But what are safety mats and why are they so important, are questions that we want to answer below.

What are safety mats?

Safety mats or mats are, as already mentioned, an element of supervision and protection. This has been designed to detect the presence of machines or people on its detection surface.

These mats are used to protect personnel inside hazardous areas, such as areas near presses, production lines, machines and robots. They usually have 2 conductive plates of hardened steel, which are separated by non-conductive compressible separators.

Each of the safety mats has 4 cables. With these they are connected to other mats in series, thus forming a protection system at ground level for the most dangerous areas.

The circuit through the mat must be supervised by a safety-rated control unit. This can be a safety relay, control unit or carpet manager. When the mat resets, the control unit is able to provide a safe signal to the machine’s control circuit.

Types of safety mat

Just as there are different types of helmets or different types of harness, it should be noted that there are also two different types of safety mats: individual and multiple. As expected, the individual ones are made up of a carpet and a safety relay that cover a specific area.

The multiple mats, on the other hand, are made up of several interconnected mats added to the safety relay. These have the ability to cover various areas or a single large one. How to Buy Rivotril Online

Both multiple and individual rugs can lay out various shapes and be made from different materials. This is so because occupational risks are also diverse.

For example, where machine tools are used, and material could fall onto the mat and puncture it, the mat should have an aluminum cover. In other cases, where the carpet is not at risk of damage, this extra protection will not be necessary.

Since the mat is an element placed on the floor, aluminum profiles are regularly inserted into it. These profiles are responsible for avoiding the step and also serve to anchor the carpet to the floor. This system works in this way to avoid tripping.

How does the safety mat work?

The safety mats are basically made up of a PVC surface, and it is inside that there are two independent steel plates that conduct the current.

As already mentioned, these plates are separated by insulating strips. If a pressure greater than 35 kilograms were generated on the mat, the mat would be actuated, producing a short circuit between the steel panels.

It is precisely at this moment that the safety module connected to the mat comes to evaluate the signal and act on its safety outputs in order to stop the dangerous movement. construction workwear

How should a safety mat be placed?

To place a safety mat, the safety distance to the point of danger must be calculated. This is the most important parameter in the design of the security system. To find the proper placement of the safety mat relative to the danger zone, the formula S = K x (T1 +T2) + (1200 – 0.4 H) must be calculated.

S is the distance from the danger zone measured in millimeters.

K is the data-derived constant of approach velocities of some part of the body or of the body itself, measured in mm/sec.

T1 is the maximum response time of the safety device between the activation of the perceptual element, in this case the mat, and the moment in which the guard, or the safety control module, switches the signal to the OFF state. This happens in seconds.

T2 represents the response time of the machine. This therefore is the time required to stop the machine or eliminate the risk after the transmission of the signal from the guard output. It is also measured in seconds.

H is the distance above the reference plane, this being regularly the ground. It is usually considered 0 and is measured in millimeters.

All this will depend on the residual movement time of the machine and the approach speed of the operator. It is important to point out that the value 1200-0.4 H cannot be less than 850 mm since it does not comply with the standard.

Although the main function of these mats is the safety of the worker. It is also feasible to use them to detect elements as if it were a sensor. Actually, its use in this area is quite wide and diverse, it can even be used for opening doors.

Anti-fatigue safety mats

An increasingly used element are ergonomic, anti-fatigue and safety mats. It is used in different work areas such as shops, bars, hairdressers, hotels, offices, assembly lines or any other sector in which workers have to be on their feet for many hours.

These mats provide not only safety but also benefit the health of workers. Well, the design of these mats produces a slight and imperceptible rocking that activates the muscles of the legs and calves, thus facilitating blood flow and therefore improving circulation.

These mats used in workplaces help reduce pressure points by distributing weight evenly. By achieving the correct balance, lower back pain, fatigue and other chronic pain are avoided.

If these mats are used in the workplace, it will be possible to improve worker productivity and in turn reduce absenteeism linked to this type of pathology.

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