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what is the Biggest Titan in Attack on Titan

The titan are huge humanoid creatures that have been locked away into its own territory behind a very tall wall. The walls around this territory are called the walls or the Shiganshina district. There are many nameless titans that roam the area of Shiganshina district due to lack of knowledge of their names as they were practically born in the walls and never know what is beyond it.

The Colossal Titan is the largest Titan in Attack on Titan.

The Colossal Titan is the largest known Titan in Attack on Titan. It first appeared in Chapter 2, when it breached the outer wall of Wall Maria and went on a rampage through Shiganshina District. It was responsible for killing many civilians and even ate Eren’s mother. It was later defeated by Captain Levi and his squad, who had been sent to reinforce the 104th Training Corps after they were attacked by Titans while trying to rescue Eren from the Female Titan in Trost District.

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The Colossal Titan has been seen several times throughout the series, usually appearing when there is a breach in Wall Rose or Wall Maria. In Episode 18, it attacked Shiganshina District again during a festival being held there; however it was stopped by Mikasa before it could do any damage.[1] In Episode 21, it appears again at Stohess District where it attacks Annie Leonhart who had been captured by Levi’s squad.[2] Later on in Chapter 47,[3] Reiner Braun reveals that he and Bertolt Hoover were the ones who transformed into their respective Titans (Colossal and Armoured) during their mission to capture Krista Lenz from her home village of Trost. They both are also revealed to be the same Titans that appeared in Shiganshina District in Episode 18.

Other Best Titan Attacks

The most powerful titan in Attack on Titan is Annie Leonhart. She is the Female Titan and she is also the first female titan in the series. She was able to tear through a wall that was stronger than concrete and even broke through one of Eren’s ribs when he tried to stop her from escaping. She also managed to take down Levi and all of his squad members with ease.

Eren Yeager’s Attack Mode

This is an attack mode used by Eren Yeager during his fight against Annie Leonhart where he uses the power of his titan form while retaining some control over himself so that he can fight more effectively in combat without losing control completely like other titans do when they get into a rage-like state.

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Annie Leonhers Female Titan Form

This is an attack mode used by Annie Leonhart when she transforms into her female titan form using her hardening ability which allows her body to harden itself much like an armor plate would do for human soldiers who wear them for protection from bullet fire or shrapnel from explosions

The Armoured Titan

The Armoured Titan has an impenetrable skin that makes it almost impossible for human beings to harm him. His body can withstand any attack thrown at him, whether it be bullets or blades, nothing can penetrate his armour. He is also known for his high speed which he uses to catch up with other Titans so he can kill them easily.

The Female Titan

The Female Titan might look smaller compared to some of the other Titans like the Colossal or Armoured, but she has a lot more strength than most of them combined together. She is able to take down even Colossal Titans with ease as long as she has enough stamina left in her body because she uses her speed and agility to get around them before they realise what happened and attack them back!

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