What Is the Difference Between GB And Gb or MB And Mb

MB en GB

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Unfortunately, this isn’t always as simple as it sounds and there is a common mistake made by consumers and it all comes down to abbreviations.

Gigabyte or Terabyte

When viewing the amount of available space. We use the terms Gigabyte or Terabyte usually displayed as GB and TB.

It’s all great and you should now be able to compare our offer to other hosting offers, right?

Unfortunately, some less-than-reputable hosting providers have been known to intentionally point. To amounts like Gb or Tb which refer to Gigabit and Terabit. This is meant to make their plans look much larger than they actually are.

So, what does all of this mean?

Basically the way it works is that in computer systems there are 8 bits for each byte. The term bit is always represented as lowercase and byte is always represented as uppercase.  (b = bit and B = byte and 8 bit = 1 byte)

  • Kb =
  • Kilobit KB = KiloByte
  • Mb = Megabit
  • MB = MegaByte
  • Gb = Gigabit
  • GB = GigaByte
  • Tb = Terabit
  • TB = TeraByte

This means, for example that a host that offers 80 Gb of space actually offers only 10 Gigabyte (GB) of space (80 divided by 8).

So consumers should be very careful and make sure to compare the likes when looking for your next hosting plan.

Megabyte, Megabit and Gigabyte: What are the differences

The question that arises more and more often when you use a certain telephone rate on your smartphone or tablet is: How many gigs are available for surfing the net? Instead one of the correct questions that should be asked is. How many mega does a gig correspond to?

This premise is necessary because very often the certainty of the reference unit of measurement is not taken into account. We hear more and more often about mega and giga in newspapers on the net and on TV without knowing the exact amount of data available for surfing the net.

For this reason: Before giving useful advice on using your internet data package. A series of aspects relating to mega and giga must be specified. Not forgetting which specific unit of measurement it is. In this way it will be possible to give a precise answer to the main question.

It must always be specified if the giga corresponds to the gigabyte or the gigabit and the mega if it corresponds to the megabyte or the megabit. After having clarified this not insignificant aspect to be sure of the answer to the question. It is necessary to verify the concrete correspondence between giga and mega based on the reference cases.

Telephone offers

When you read about some telephone offers where giga and mega are offered in large or even limited quantities. When it comes to connection services that a telephone company makes available in its offer you never make a real reference to the clear unit of measure. It is therefore advisable to take the connection speed offered in the telephone promotion as a reference. In this case we will talk about gigabits per second and megabits per second.

On the other hand when we talk about data traffic promoted on the basis of a monthly or daily rate. The unit of measurement will change since we refer to gigabytes and megabytes. It should be considered that the unit of measurement adopted for this computer quantity must be calculated on the basis of multiples of eight.

Definition of the bit.

Verschil Tussen MB en GB: Before moving on to the actual answer however a mention must be made of the definition of the bit. The bit refers to the binary digit that is used to carry out computer calculations more precisely it corresponds to the acronym Binary dig IT.

The bit is the smallest unit of measurement equal to grams used to indicate the weight of an object or food.

The answer to the main question will be this: The megabyte when it measures 1,024 corresponds to a gigabyte. The gigabyte is abbreviated with the abbreviation GB. It is often used in common language, referring to the field of data traffic technology. Increasingly, however, the word becomes public when used in the field of mobile telephony, to promote offers regarding surfing the net. In fact, anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet knows at least the word giga and knows that it corresponds to data traffic, but nothing more on the subject.

How many operations can be carried out on the network with a gig?

Going more and more specifically, when we think in terms of gig and mega, when we talk about telephony and technology, what a customer often wants to know is not the quantity of megabytes corresponding to the gig, but what operations he can perform with these. measurement quantity referring to internet data.

So, he wants to know how many sites he can view, or how many songs or videos he can download and enjoy on his computer, mobile phone or tablet? And for this, how can you orient yourself in the infinite sea of ​​offers that sometimes do not give much clarity on the amount of data you have available to surf the net?

For example, if a customer owned a giga only, he will be able to download music files in the amount of three hundred using the mp3 format, and will be able to use a messaging system that uses the data connection, which gives him the ability to send about one million messages and almost 70 thousand emails without attaching files. If you always consider a gig at your disposal, you will be able to visit almost ten thousand websites.

Data Connection

In this case it is important to always evaluate the offer and the navigator who will have to use it. A gig of the time can be enough for those who do not use the data connection much and for example, visit only web pages that do not require a complex composition. When this is combined with the purchase of films, or when purchasing operations on the various e-commerce portals, the single gig may no longer be sufficient, and will have to enhance its offer.

For those who use a data connection for work, a single giga can sometimes be insufficient, since the emails and updates provided for a blog or site, to download photos and videos useful for their profession, data traffic is always insufficient.

Another problem that arises when only one gig is used for your data traffic, are the updates of the operating system on your smartphone or tablet.

All these vehicles undergo continuous updates in order not to be left behind with technology and above all to dodge the attacks that cyber pirates can launch. It is therefore good to perform these updates, which are increasingly automatic. In this case the data connection will always be in operation, and when needed, the consumption of bits increases, creating the danger that your device will remain without data traffic available. The solution to this problem could be planning for updates,

What happens when operators offer unclear internet rates?

It must also be said that telephone operators often do not give clarity about the equivalence of feasible operations with a certain amount of data traffic available. For the consumer, this is unknown to him. Often a customer can sign a contract that turns out to be disadvantageous after a short time.

The consequence is the disappointment of the customer and the most common inconvenience that occurs is that concerning the purchase of additional data traffic to that foreseen for the offer, already consumed in a short time. In the worst case, it is possible that you browse without the protection of any internet package at your disposal.

Situation occurs

When this situation occurs, the costs increase dramatically, resulting in exorbitant, as it is also necessary to take into account the time in which you navigate without an adequate data package. The transparency that a telephone operator guarantees for its offers must always be taken into account.

It is never necessary to evaluate the entirety of the offer but, every specific aspect of this must be taken into account. For this reason, it will also be desirable to be able to calculate how many giga correspond to a mega. In this case it will be easier to be able to make a thoughtful choice, knowing specifically what is expected from an offer that also includes internet data traffic.

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