Wholesale Clothing For Your Boutique: Tips For Plus Size Clothing Success

Plus size clothing can be difficult to sell in brick and mortar boutiques, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. By stocking wholesaled plus size clothing, you have the opportunity to reach an untapped audience that has been under-served by many retail outlets. If you’re thinking about wholesale plus size clothing, there are several things you need to know to make sure your retail business is successful!

Learn About The Demographics

The plus size clothing industry is worth $20 billion, and with 67% of the population being women, it’s a market that is continuing to grow. Here are some tips for adding wholesale plus size clothing to your boutique and increasing sales.  Offer a variety of sizes – at least 14-16 different in-stock sizes will give you more options for all shapes and sizes of women.  Start with basics – tops and bottoms are always in demand, but try to offer at least one dress or skirt each season as well.

Consider Their Needs

No matter what type of boutique you run, there is one thing that will never change: your customers’ needs. It is up to you to figure out what those needs are and offer a solution. One of the most common needs among plus size women is clothing that they can wear in their own store. If this is something that you can’t provide, then it might be time to think about wholesale plus size clothing options for your boutique.This can be a great opportunity for you to help your customers find clothes they love while making sure they are within a budget and style they like. The best part is that wholesale plus size clothing often comes with less risk than other choices because it’s easy to return if it doesn’t work out the first time around.

Look At Their Concerns

How do I find the right supplier for my boutique? What do I need to know about purchasing wholesale clothing in bulk? How can I have confidence in a company before ordering from them? What are the most important factors to consider when purchasing wholesale clothing?

Understand Their Tastes

It’s important to understand what the plus size market wants and needs. Be sure to offer a wide variety of clothing items that are fashionable, yet comfortable. Price points will vary from store to store, but be careful not to push your customers out by pricing all of your clothes too high. Offering sales is a great way to keep people coming back and also get new customers in the door.

Take Advantage Of Special Events

One of the best ways to grow your business is by taking advantage of special events. Whether it’s a holiday, a new movie release, or even something as simple as Valentine’s Day, you should plan ahead and create a marketing strategy.

The goal is to make sure you can capitalize on the event by getting out in front and making it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. At least one month before an event (or holiday), start brainstorming and make a list of things that could help promote it. Take this list with you when shopping for merchandising supplies like t-shirts, hats, etc., and be sure to order at least two weeks before the event so that your items arrive in time to get out there!

Know What They’ll Buy From You

If you’re looking for ways to increase your plus size clothing sales, you need a strategy. One way to make the most of your stock is by choosing a category that will give you the best return on investment. It might be tough to choose at first because there are so many options. However, if you know what they’ll buy from you, it will be easier than ever before.

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