Y-90 Radioembolization in Farmington – Treating Diseases with Minimally Invasive Procedures

Y-90 Radioembolization in Farmington

Y-90 Radioembolization in Farmington –

How do you treat small, hard-to-find tumors in the liver? How do you prevent the spread of liver cancer throughout the body? If cancer has already spread, how do you stop it from spreading further? The answer to all of these questions is Y-90 radioembolization, which uses tiny radioactive particles to pinpoint and destroy diseased cells without damaging surrounding tissue and organs. read about also  :  Kirschner Wire Extension

What Is Y-90 Radioembolization?

Y-90 radioembolization is a minimally invasive procedure that treats diseases in almost all organ systems. Y-90 radioembolization is used to treat cancers and vascular disorders, including multiple sclerosis and arteriovenous malformations. Y-90 radioembolization uses an agent called holmium, which attaches to blood vessels or tumors, making them easier to treat with x-rays or heat.

How Does it Work?

In y-90 radioembolization, a small amount of yttrium 90 is injected into a vein that brings blood to a diseased part of your body. This material absorbs radiation in your body and emits it as gamma rays when it decays. These gamma rays damage cancer cells and other disease tissue nearby. The treatment can be used to treat many cancers, including liver cancer and prostate cancer, without having to perform surgery or use powerful chemotherapy drugs.

Why Choose St. John’s Riverside Medical Center for This Treatment?

Y-90 radioembolization is a minimally invasive treatment option that may be used to treat several different types of tumors, including neuroendocrine tumors. Here at St. John’s Riverside Medical Center, we understand that there are many options for your treatment and want you to be able to make an informed choice about your care plan.

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